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H.E.L.P. on the Illinois Tollway

Drivers dialing *999 for roadway assistance will be served by new white and red H.E.L.P. trucks. In an effort to improve service to our customers, the Tollway launched the H.E.L.P. Truck Tracker to help drivers who have requested roadside assistance to identify where trucks are along the road and when they are headed in their direction.The Tracker is active during hours of H.E.L.P. Truck operations.

The Highway Emergency Lane Patrol (H.E.L.P.) program is funded in part by State Farm™. The innovative sponsorship provides support for the successful H.E.L.P. program, furthering the Tollway’s efforts to reduce delay and improve safety for the motoring public while highlighting that State Farm is Here to help life go right.™

H.E.L.P. Operations

Twelve H.E.L.P. trucks patrol the Tollway system. Maintenance personnel are trained to provide roadway assistance to stranded Tollway customers and traffic control at accident scenes.
•H.E.L.P. hours of operation: Monday-Friday 5 a.m. to 8 p.m.
•The Tollway is patrolled 24 hours a day by Illinois State Police District 15
H.E.L.P. Services

In one year, H.E.L.P. truck operators drive enough miles to circle the Earth 24 times! H.E.L.P. truck operators provide an array of services:
•Changing tires
•Battery boosts
•Adding coolant*
•Dispensing fuel*
•Transporting customers
•Moving vehicles away from traffic
•Calling for a tow

Gratuities are strictly prohibited.

*Small fees may be charged for this service and must be mailed to the Tollway. H.E.L.P. truck drivers cannot accept payment.
Call for H.E.L.P. Dial *999

Dial *999 on your cellphone to report incidents on the Illinois Tollway. If you are experiencing an emergency, you should call 911 from your cellphone. You can also call Illinois State Police District 15 directly at 630-241-6800 extension 5028.

A dispatcher will receive your call and send the appropriate responders to the scene. When calling, have the following information available:
•Location: name of roadway and direction of travel
•Closest milepost
•If reporting a crash, number of vehicles involved
•Description of vehicles involved (type and color)

If you are involved in a roadway incident, please try to pull your car to safety on the shoulder of the road and turn on your emergency flashers. If it is safe, you should remain in your vehicle until assistance arrives.

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