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Paa Kwasi Sam, President of the GNC Chicago.

Ghanaians resident abroad complain of difficulty in acquiring passports

Some Ghanaians living abroad are worried that government has taken too long to address problems in securing travel documents, especially passports.

They contend that the inability of Ghana’s missions abroad to provide them with passports on timely manner has affected their family relationships as well as business opportunities.

Speaking on behalf of Ghanaians resident abroad, a Ghanaian resident in Germany, Kwaku Anane-Gyinde cited examples in Europe, and said if the issue of acquiring passports for Ghanaians living abroad is not streamlined, government’s dream of wooing more investors will be a mirage.

Some Ghanaians resident in the Chicago area are calling for more Consulates to address both the Passport and other issues of importance. They argue that the consulate centers would act as magnets to attract investors to Ghana.

“The Government should address the problems we encounter at the ports. Clearing goods at the ports is too tedious with many layers of bureaucracy that does not serve any reasonable purpose! The process should be simplified. There should also be a one time tax exempt on cars or trucks, T.V, Refrigerators and other household belongings. These would not only encourage but enable us come home often and retire in our country of birth” a Ghanaian living in Chicago for the past 35 years pleaded ! We hope the new administration would listen to the needs of its citizens abroad and help to resolve some of these problems.

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