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Education has truly failed us as a country!
Posted by admin on 25th April 2017

Source: Prosper Yaw Tsikata
When you turn to the north, you find so-called witchcamps; turn to the middle belt, people are climbing escalators in the opposite direction or are avoiding them; turn to the south, people are parading a visibly disabled person as their newly found god; turn to the east, you find dipsomaniacs who are believed to have a pot planted in their belly that must be filled before they can stop drinking; turn to the west and people are defacating along the beaches and in river bodies. If these were in negligible numbers, we could ignore them. But the numbers of these episodes are demonstrating an entrenched cultural pattern that education has failed to uproot. The saddest part of these events are that try to broach a conversation with even the so-called educated on these matters and you would be surprised about their way of thinking. It is a systematic failure that must be traced to the doorsteps of our educational institutions. The situation is made worst by the uncritical examination of anything that is said to have any religious or spiritual dimension. People, we have work to do. The world is leaving us behind!