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100 days of President Nana Addo’s Government

100 days of Nana Addo’s government. The high and low points with overall score.
High points
1. Restoration of educational allowances cancelled by the NDC government
2. Payment of N-Gas debt that accumulated under NDC
3. Some reduction of fuel prices
4. Stabilization of the local currency with some appreciation against the major foreign currencies
5. Removal of 17.5% tax on domestic airlines
6. Halving of the price of fertilizers and other farm imputs
7. Wholescale employment of health workers
8. Stabilization of the economy
9. Intention to build a National Cathedral for Christians
10. Removal of taxes on SOME Financial services.

Low Points
1. Removal of COP Kofi Boakye from the Ashanti Regional to a pussy desk job in Accra
2. Unauthorize seizure of vehicles and properties by party vigilantes
3. High increment of LPG Gas
4. 15% increment of transport cost
5. Forceful removal of a Regional Security Capo by party vigilantes.
6. Unprecendent invasion of a Magistrate Court and near manhandling of a Judge
7. The unprecedented appointment of 110 Ministers of State with some Deputy Ministers numbering as high as 3 in single ministries.
8. Unbalanced tribal appointment of Heads in State Owned Enterprises.
9. Beating of a Senior Police Officer at the very seat of government by vigilante forces
10. Electricity and Water prices still remain high
11. Deception of Spare parts dealers that taxes have been removed on importation of spare parts
12. No Cabinet after 100 days in office. This is unprecendented.
13. Metropolitan, Municipal and district Assemblies still have no Chief Executives
14. Filth still engulfs the Major cities of Accra and Kumasi
15. Unexplained erractic power supply in certain parts of the country.

Overall, i score Nana Addo’s government 35% in its first 100 days in office!
By Nii Kpakpo Allotey

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