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‘Wild’ celebrations at Kwahu on Easter Friday
Posted by admin on 16th April 2017

For residents and the many who have thronged to Kwahu for the Easter festivities, having enormous fun is imperative.

Aside the paragliding festival which was introduced more than a decade ago to promote tourism in the country, some revelers cannot help but to exhibit their dancing prowess.

Cladded in t-shirts and leggings, some females who appeared highly elated were captured twerking while others danced with the opposite sex.

The Kwahu Easter is an annual Easter celebration that takes place at Kwahu in the Eastern Region of Ghana. It has become one of the biggest festivals in Ghana, which draws people from far and near.

Activities include paragliding, hiking, carnivals and street jams. While it is an annual homecoming for indigenes, it is an occasion for celebrations to revelers.