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Prophet Uebert Angel gave one of his church members a brand new Range Rover Sport worth over US$100,000.00
Posted by admin on 14th April 2017

Prophet Uebert Angel surprised one of his followers when he handed him keys to a brand new Range Rover Sport.

“Time and again he had to be assisted as the car broke down more times that it drove. Close associates including relatives made a mockery of the couple and their faith yet in the fullness of time God interjected and intervened with a vehicle beyond anyone’s grand expectations,” said Spirit Embassy statement.

The man narrated how Prophet Angel called him and his wife to his office. Prophet Angel took them to the parking lot and handed them the keys to a brand new Range Rover Sport with personalised number plates, “PSALM 23:5”

“A car worth well over $100,000 was presented to the couple as a gift not for anything that they had done but because it is the nature of prophets to give.

The prophetic ministry is a giving ministry and like prophet Angel always says, “The moment I give you a word from God, I am demonstrating how the prophetic office is a giving office.”

In January this year, the 35-year-old prophet grabbed headlines when he bought a Mercedes Benz C200 Kompressor for his spiritual son, Mudiwa Mutandwa, a musician who fellowships in his Spirit Embassy church. The GIFT was in recognition of his impressive musical year that saw him bagging three awards and ministering the Word of God through music.

Last year in April, Harare’s Jason Moyo Avenue came to a stand still as Prophet Angel, who was surrounded by his security team, entered the upmarket boutique 4 May, where he bought ‘designer label’ suits for a mere street preacher, Evangelist Trymore Mparinga, whom he had just met in the streets preaching the word of God.

The boutique had to be temporarily closed to give space to Prophet Angel who was carrying a fashion magazine (catalogue) and reporters spotted him literally pointing at the suits and ordered them as seen on the magazine. The cheapest suit in 4 May costs US$150 and the most expensive is pegged at US$300.

Evangelists Mparinga who preaches at the intersection of First Street and Speke Avenue in Harare revealed that Prophet Angel bought him three suits valued at US$900 and three pairs of shoes worth US$255.