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Mr. Ebenezer Antwi-Nsiah

The Politics of Ghana Consulates in the United States.

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I believe the purpose of opening a Ghana consulate in any city in the United States is to alleviate some of the responsibilities of the Ghana Embassy in Washington. The opening of a consulate I believe depends on the population of Ghanaians in the city. When the city is targeted for a consulate then an honorary Consul is appointed. It shouldn’t be the other way round; where an individual is selected and a consulate is opened wherever he resides.

I believe a lot of Ghanaians were therefore surprised like I was to read the announcement of a GHANA CONSULATE IN LITTLE ROCK ARKANSAS!!!
As far as I know the city of Chicago with a Ghanaian population of about 40,000 applied in 2015 for a consulate and a QUALIFIED CANDIDATE for the position of Honorary Consul was recommended and the application filed. This application which was rumored to have been approved seemed to have gone nowhere.

The appointment of an Honorary Consul in Little Rock Arkansas and no Honorary Consul really smells of pure nepotism.
The Acting Head of Mission of the Embassy of Ghana pointed out that, appointing Mr. Sherman Banks as the Honorary Consul, the Government of Ghana took due cognizance of his stature and deep commitment to the development of all men, especially the advancement of Ghanaians he has for so many years been associated with.

During his two-year tenure as the first African-American elected President of Sister Cities International, Mr. Banks co-led peace missions to Egypt and Morocco and worked for the realization of his dream of conducting the first ever Sister Cities International “Islamic Summit – Citizen Diplomacy in the 21st Century” Mr. Asare-Asiedu added.
By the way the candidate that was recommended for the Chicago is a Ghanaian and has a business in Ghana that employs Ghanaians. I guess that doesn’t contribute enough to the economy of Ghana. May I add also that the candidate has a successful business and would be able to fund this Ghana Consulate in Chicago?

So where would the next Ghana Consulate be? ANCHORAGE ALASKA? CHEYENNE WYOMING if the premise given for the consulate in Arkansas holds? I guess it depends on where the government of Ghana finds someone who is friends with someone higher up in the government. I guess for now the population of Ghanaians in whatever city doesn’t matter.

Ebenezer Antwi-Nsiah, former President GNC Chicago.

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