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Rawlings to blame for Ghana’s woes – Alhaji Bature

Managing Editor of the Al-Hajj newspaper, Alhaji Iddrisu Bature says former President Jerry Rawlings has no moral authority to blame his successors for Ghana’s woes.

Alhaji Bature said all the socio-economic problems Ghana is encountering today can be traced to the bad foundation Mr. Rawlings’ laid during his 19-year rule.

“If the foundation laid was that of Mahatia Mohammed of Malaysia or that of American presidents, no matter who we elect as a leader they could not have led this country to what it is now” Bature stressed.

He was speaking on Asempa FM’s Ekosii Sen programme Tuesday.

Mr. Rawlings accused former presidents John Kufuor and the late John Mills of moving Ghana backwards during their tenure in office.

He made the claim while addressing Cadres at a forum to commemorate the 34th anniversary of the June 4 Uprising.

The former president was particular about how his successors have derailed all the achievements chalked during the revolutionary era, but was confident President John Mahama would be the messiah to save Ghana.

However, Alhaji Bature took grave exception to the claim saying Mr. Rawlings’ criticisms of Kufuor and Mills is highly irresponsible.

“For 20 years we were so married and glued to the IMF [International Monitory Fund] and the World Bank. The terms of these two entities forced Rawlings to sell all state owned companies which has brought us where we are today”.

Bature said the modus operandi of Mr. Rawlings is to play on the minds of Ghanaians and get them to believe that his tenure was the best thing that ever happened to Ghana.

Alhaji Bature alleged that by 1998 the country’s economy had virtually collapsed and so Mr. Rawlings appealed to queen Elizabeth upon her visit to Ghana to assist him in fighting corruption.

The editor urged former President Rawlings not to open the flood gate for criticisms and urged him to give praise where it is due.

Alhaji Bature said it is about time Mr. Rawlings conducts himself as a statesman and quits being petty.

“At this your age when you are gravitating gradually towards to your maker; I think that worldly things should be nipped in the bud”.

He advised Mr. Rawlings to conduct himself in a manner that would make even his opponents admire him when he one day joins his maker.