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Ghana marks World TB Day
Posted by admin on 24th March 2017

World Tuberculosis Day is a day set aside to raise awareness on the burden of tuberculosis (TB) worldwide and the status of TB prevention and care efforts.

According to the WHO, TB is caused by a bacteria, mycobacterium.

Tuberculosis is one of the top 10 causes of death worldwide.

IS TB in Ghana?
Yes. In 2016, 13,933 adults and 698 children had TB. Everyday 122 new cases are recorded in Ghana out of which 27 DIE. Every 1 hour 5 people get TB and 1 person dies of TB!

Potentially every Ghanaian can get TB because it is endemic in the country and it is airborne. When you breathe in the germ from someone’s Cough, sing,laugh, sneeze or talk you get infected. Infection becomes Disease when your immune(protective) system of your body is defeated by the TB germ. It’s more common in people with diabetes, alcoholics, cancer patients , PT’s with certain treatments such as in cancer treatment, children, people with immunosuppressive diseases or treatment such as HIV and after organ transplants etc!

How does TB present itself in you .

Fever , cough more than 2 wks, weight loss, drenching night sweats. TB in children can present in itself anyway , from fever, poor growth, cough, weight loss etc!
Is TB treatable?

TB is CURABLE and drugs its treatment are for FREE. The monster is conquered only after 6 months of continuous daily treatment under the supervision of a medical doctor!The greatest challenge to end TB is from those with TB who start treatment but do not finish. The bug becomes stubborn and unresponsive to the 6 months course of medication the patient was receiving. This makes the treatment for TB difficult when patients do not cooperate! The next treatment available is almost 20 months of drugs including 8 months daily injection

Is TB Preventable?

Yes. Avoid overcrowded areas especially when someone is coughing. Improve ventilation at home and every other place. Good nutrition is a must !

Starting treatment early reduces transmission of the TB bug to other people. Completing treatment by those with TB is of outmost necessity.
Injection given to newborns called BCG is encouraged !
What is your role?
SPREAD the news about TB
Help End TB in our lifetime !

Contact :Dr Enimil (Ghana) 0208164433 or your primary physician or the nearest public health center !