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The Beauty of Your Marriage Is Not Dependent on Your Wedding…
Posted by admin on 13th March 2017

Author: Ebenezar Donkoh
In my very typical solemn moments, my mind takes me on several thought journeys and on one of such journey’s was the thought of the alarming rate at which countless young marriages are being torn apart.

At first, I asked, why must I be bothered but I later realized I had the power to influence a few so the need to share.

In my line of duty as a broadcaster, I’ve had to MC several weddings and been present at others too and one thing seems to run through, competition!!

Well, I never knew weddings were a competition until a friend told me he wanted his wedding to be bigger than the previous wedding we both attended. Really? Has it gotten to this? (I asked myself)

Off late, it seems the focus of the younger generation has centred on the pageantry and elegance of the wedding than the real essence of marriages.

Would you believe how much time and dedication majority of young folks commit to the planning and execution of the weddings forgetting the real deal, marriage?

Well, I remember sharing a post on Facebook about how a lot of people are most interested in the weddings than the long lasting marriage and it seems I was not alone in my thought journey per the comments that were shared.

Okyeame Kwame (Ghanaian rapper) from one of his songs said “The beauty of your marriage is not dependent on your wedding” and true to this, he has one of the most adored families most millennial wishes to have and praise all the time on social media but with very little buzz about his wedding ceremony.