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African Spectrum Editorial: The Slave vs. The Immigrant .

‘Ooh, Master, ooh have mercy,’ the slave wails!

‘I carry with me a passport and a visa,’ the immigrant declares.

‘Can I have something to eat,’ the slave asks?

‘I have something to eat but looking for a better future,’ says the immigrant.

Dr. Ben Carson, even if u intentionally want to be ignorant, please go back and watch Roots the movie authored by Alex Haley.

Obviously, history means nothing to you.

As the only Black serving in this current Trump’s administration, we thought and hoped that ur sore-thumb appointment could have been the holy grail of descending from ur supposedly high throne and offer to cater to the needs of your own people.

God is not stupid!
Humans are not blind!

Your ancestors sacrificed so you could become who you are today. And they didn’t arrive here on the shores of America as immigrants.

As an exemplary Uncle Tom, people like you fuel the desire of the White people in calling Black people inferior.
You pretend u are not Black, thus ur irresponsible rhetoric sometimes.

Just like God gives and take away life,

God gives us all the common sense to help and tutor those less unfortunate.

Use ur gift to educate and not to agitate.

Do you understand what you are doing to the Black youth?

Can you call yourself a role model?

May the good Lord let you have a ‘Damascus’ event whereby you will wake up one day and realize that it’s the hard work of ur ancestors -who toiled daily as slaves working for nothing – and by God’s grace that you are where you are today.

Would you have participated in all the marches that Martin Luther King Jr. held?

Immigrants come in all forms!
Slaves come but in one form.

Show me a true immigrant who migrated without the freewill, a passport or a visa?

Sometimes people flee from persecution from their own people and seek assylum elsewhere. Even in these situations, they are considered as immigrants and not slaves.

Slaves – even though humans – are properties who belong to and serve someone commonly known as ‘Massa.’

Immigrants are not properties and will usually call someone Massa if money is involved.

U are but a blister to Black people around the World who find themselves where their ancestors were forced, beaten and made to work like dogs.

The least we can do is to pray for you!

We wonder why the Black race is in shambles.

The answer is plain.

Privileged and insensitive people like you will never decipher the gloom of day that we face as Black people daily.

And it’s no one’s fault but your ancestors who slaved and built this country with their blood and sweat for you to capitalize and reap from what they have sown.

Little did they know that they would be breeding amongst their descendants, inconsiderate folks who would never appreciate their ancestors heritage and hard work.

We are all watching and fortunately we all can’t perish at the same time.

God will lift us higher and higher!

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