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Car Robber claims robbing cars was due to spiritual possession…..
Posted by admin on 3rd June 2013

A Kia Sorento vehicle was snatched from the MP for Okaikoi Central, Hon. Patrick Yaw Boamah, at Denyame in Kumasi on Saturday by a suspected robber who in a desperate attempt of fleeing with his booty, drove the car at top speed into the wire fencing of the Royal Golf Club in Kumasi, leading to his arrest.

Suspect Kwame Tahiru Gidiglo, who claims to be a driver, had early on snatched an Urvan bus with registration number AW 1329-12 at Patase, which he drove at lightning speed towards the Denyame area in an attempt to escape, though nobody was chasing him.

The excessive speed of the vehicle rendered the suspected robber to lose control of the steering wheel upon reaching Denyame near the Regional Co-ordinating Council (RCC) around 2:30pm.

The suspect eventually hit his stolen car on the side of a V8 Land Cruiser, belonging to Kofi Owusu Prempeh, a Kumasi based businessman who was coming from the opposite direction.

Gidiglo then kept speeding away until he crushed the Urvan heavily on the side of Hon. Patrick Boamah’s Kia Sorento vehicle which was also coming from the opposite direction. After the impact, the MP and his driver alighted from the car with the engine still on to access the extent of damage caused.

Gidiglo took advantage of the situation and jumped into Hon. Patrick Boamah’s car and in a ‘Hollywood’ fashion, started speeding away at top speed.

Upon reaching an intersection just in front of the RCC main gate, the suspect lost control of the steering wheel once again, so he veered from the road onto the green grass on the shoulder of the road.

Gidiglo then tried escaping through the greens of the Royal Golf Club, but the posh car was rammed into the wire fencing of the Golf Club which hindered the car from moving.

A policeman on duty at the RCC, initially thought Gidiglo was involved in an accident, so he rushed to the scene to offer a helping hand only to be slapped heavily by the suspect, who still wanted to escape.

The policeman then managed to overpower Gidiglo after which he called for reinforcement from the Buffalo Unit, which immediately rushed to the scene to arrest the suspect.

Gidiglo, during an interrogation with the Buffalo Unit Commander, Superintendent Joseph Nyaaba, said he was possessed by a spirit which pressured him to snatch people’s cars.

According to him, he saw some people chasing him in an attempt to kill him, so he was compelled to snatch other people’s car, which he drove at top speed, to escape from those hunting him.

Superintendent Nyaaba told DAILY GUIDE, the police had started investigations into the matter.

Briefing DAILY GUIDE, Hon. Patrick Boamah said he was from the Dakwadwom area heading towards Denyame, when he saw an Urvan vehicle coming from the opposite direction criss-crossing the road.

He said initially he thought the advancing car had burst its tyre, so he admonished his driver to park aside to avoid the Urvan.

The NPP MP said the Urvan driver rammed his car into the side of the Kia Sorento vehicle minutes after the MP’s driver had parked on the road side.

Stricken with fear, he said he alighted from the car with his driver while the engine was on, to assess the extent of damaged caused, only for the suspect to quickly hop into his car and drive away with it.

Hon. Boamah said it was until Gidiglo was apprehended before he realised that he stole the Urvan from Patase.