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Ghana celebrates 60 years of independence today


Ghana today [Monday], March 6, 2017, turns 60 years since it attained independence on March 6, 1957 from British after 113 years a colonial rule. Previously known as the Gold Coast, Ghana on March 6, 1957 was the first Sub-Saharan African country to become independent on the back of Ghana’s first President and his Pan-African ethos, Dr. Kwame Nkrumah.

The celebration will be marked with the traditional march past and parade at the iconic Black Star Square. The march will feature the usual active participation of school children alongside security personnel. Parades will also be held simultaneously across all the regional and district capitals across the country.

President Nana Akufo-Addo will take the national salute, deliver a speech of solidarity to Ghanaians and light the perpetual flame. In the regional capitals and districts, representatives of the President will take the national salute and read the President’s speech.

This being a landmark independence celebration, a special committee christened “Ghana: 60 Years On” was inaugurated to oversee the celebration themed: “Mobilising for Ghana’s future.”In connection with this, Government released GHc 10,000 to each District, Municipal Metropolitan Assembly (MMDAs), to facilitate activities for the commemoration of Ghana’s 60th anniversary.

The celebration has already seen the inauguration of a Presidential Museum, a legacy project to celebrate the Ghana’s icons and national heroes. When President Akufo-Addo lights the perpetual flame on Independence Day, a torch would also be lit using the flame.

This torch will embark on a relay throughout the whole of Ghana, as one of the key activities of the celebration, and return to its starting point on March 6, 2018.

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