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Deadly Tornados Kill 5 in Oklahoma

The worst is over for the south-central state of Oklahoma, which was hit again by deadly tornadoes that barreled through the suburbs of Oklahoma City, not far from the battered town of Moore, where a powerful twister struck 10 days ago, killing 24 people.
Tornadoes hit during rush hour Friday evening, smashing cars and trucks along a major interstate. State police say hundreds of people, desperate to escape the city, drove directly into the storms.

Deadliest U.S. Tornadoes Since 1900
March 1925: 695 killed in Missouri, Illinois and Indiana April 1936: 216 killed in Tupelo, Missouri April 1939: 203 killed in Gainesville, Georgia April 1947: 181 killed in Woodward, Oklahoma May 2011: 158 killed in Joplin, Missouri April 1908: 143 killed in Louisiana and Mississippi June 1953: 116 killed in Flint, Michigan May 1953: 114 killed in Waco, Texas
Source: NOAA

Oklahoma Governor Mary Fallin said so far five people have been confirmed dead, including a woman and her baby daughter, who were found near their overturned vehicle along the highway west of the city. Fallin said she was “heartsick” that Moore, struck by a powerful tornado on May 20, could have been hit again.
Although no twister was confirmed to have hit Moore, there was heavy wind damage.
The storms then moved east, passing through the city of Saint Louis in the neighboring state of Missouri. There have been no reports of deaths in that city, but the extent of damage in the storms’ path will not be fully known until sunrise Saturday.

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