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New Laws That Took Effect In Illinois This Year!

Here are new laws that took effect on Jan. 1 2017 in Illinois. From the “tampon tax” being retired to marijuana being further decriminalized, a host of new laws took effect in Illinois on Jan. 1. Here are some of the nearly 200 laws that kicked in at the start of the new year.
2017 brings in a new law that expands an existing one. In 2016, drivers were required to change lanes or slow down for a stationary emergency vehicle. But in 2017, that law applies to all stranded vehicles with hazards on.

“We’ve had a lot of our own troopers that have been seriously injured or killed in line of duty as a result of people failing to move over. We also number of disabled vehicles and drivers killed every year for the same reason,” said Master Sgt. Jason Bradley, Illinois State Police.

Also on the books for next year are stiffer penalties for people caught driving without insurance. A new 2017 law allows officers to impound and possibly seize a vehicle if a driver has been convicted of driving without insurance and is caught again within a 12-month period. Previously, the car was only towed.

Bill Number Senate Sponsor House Sponsor Party Public Act Description Category
SB 1102 Connelly Anthony R PA 99-0461 Prohibits the state or any local government from indemnifying or providing legal representation for any employee in a criminal proceeding arising out of the employee’s government employment State Gov
HB 1260 Biss Williams D PA 99-0503 Classifies online logins, biometric data and health info as protected information; updates how groups notify the public of a data breach Consumers
HB 5913 Harmon D’Amico D PA 99-0504 Requires licensed plumbers to complete 4 hours of continuing education each year Labor
SB 0637 Link Currie D PA 99-0511 Makes changes to Illinois law to comply with federal REAL ID regulations Transportation
SB 2589 Munoz Acevedo D PA 99-0512 Provides the Director of the Insurance Department greater authority and oversight for approving risk retention groups’ corporate governance procedures and structures Insurance
HB 4517 Harris Davis D PA 99-0527 Eliminates the Center for Comprehensive Health Planning State Gov
HB 4826 Weaver D. Harris R PA 99-0530 Regional teams that investigate fatalities of elders shall meet not less than 4 times a year (currently 6 times a year) to discuss cases for possible review Human Services
SB 1120 Anderson Franks R PA 99-0534 Makes it a felony if over $500 in rental equipment is not returned within 3 days after the rental period has expired Consumer
SB 2459 Syverson Fortner R PA 99-0535 Allows use of video conferencing equipment in hearings concerning use of psychotropic medicine or electroconvulsive therapy Health
SB 2787 Rose Davidsmeyer R PA 99-0537 Requires that health carriers submit reports to Director of Insurance by June 1 instead of March 1. State Gov
SB 2813 Forby Bradley D PA 99-0538 Amends Coal Mining Act. Adds definition for recorder. Makes changes concerning mine examinations, including timing and scope, etc. Energy
SB 2918 Cunningham Reis D PA 99-0540 Provides that if specified notice is submitted then an employer may request that the unused portion of a terminated licensee’s pesticide applicator or operator license term be transferred to a newly certified or re-certified individual. Environment
SB 2920 Hutchinson Tabares D PA 99-0541 Makes changes to the composition of the Commission on Environmental Justice Environment
SB 2963 Koehler Fortner D PA 99-0543 Asserts that the state has implemented an aluminum can recycling program Safety
HB 0538 Biss Fine D PA 99-0545 Designates the pirogue — a long narrow canoe made from a single tree trunk — as the official state artifact State Gov
HB 4562 Martinez Hernandez D PA 99-0548 Amends the Illinois Human Rights Act to increase the amount of civil penalities for civil rights violations related to real estate transactions Civil Law
HB 5593 Bush Lang D PA 99-0553 Substance abuse programs licensed by DHS must provide educational info on opioid treatment options, including use of medication for opioid addiction and overdose, how to administer naloxone. Public Health
HB 5594 Bush Lang D PA 99-0554 If defendant needs opioid abuse or addiction treatment, court shall require them to participate in prescribed drug treatments under care of licensed physician Public Health
HB 5602 Nybo Unes R PA 99-0555 Changes the Nursing Home Care Act; if DPH fails to provide a written explanation as to why evidence was insufficient to refute a informal dispute resolution (IDR) finding the receipt will be cited for the dispute and no penalty can be imposed Health
HB 5607 Link Lang D PA 99-0556 Allows US savings bonds to be declared abandoned after being unclaimed and unreedemed 5 years after final maturity and allows the treasurer to obtain a judicial determination that the bond has been reverted to the state State Gov
HB 5756 Hastings Cabello D PA 99-0557 Provides no unlawful discrimination occur in the Illinois National Guard and clarifies duties of offices in the National Guard State Gov
SB 2160 Sullivan Bradley D PA 99-0560 Extends sunset date on valuation of vegetative filter strips to December 31, 2026  
SB 2260 Hastings Currie D PA 99-0562 Changes reporting requirements for Treasurer reporting warrants to Comptroller State Gov
SB 2331 Biss C. Mitchell D PA 99-0566 Clarifies that Medicaid managed care entities include business associates; allows the entities and business associates to communicate directly with clients regarding care coordination activities Health
SB 2354 Haine Martwick D PA 99-0567 Expands the topics the board of managers may discuss in closed executive meetings related to condominiums Business
SB 2358 Mulroe Martwick D PA 99-0569 Requires that any assignment of a developer’s interest be received in writing and recorded before it is effective Housing
SB 2601 Hunter Harper D PA 99-0574 Extends the time frame for the filing of a motion to vacate to 60 days after the discharge of probation once alcohol or drug treatment as a condition of probation has been completed  
SB 2783 Link Jackson D PA 99-0577 Considers unclaimed property abandoned after 5 yrs Civil Law
SB 2900 Martinez Zalewski D PA 99-0581 Expands the role of Physician Assistants (“PAs”) and Advance Practice Nurses (“APNs”) throughout various Acts, by allowing them to perform many duties, or hold positions normally reserved only for physicians or those similarly situated. Health
SB 2956 Holmes Williams D PA 99-0582 Requires buildings to be more accessible to individuals with disabilities Health
SB 3104 Althoff Jeisel R PA 99-0584 Makes the failure of reporting apprenticeship reports a violation for entities subject to the State Construction Minority and Female Building Trades Act Business
SB 0210 Manar Bourne D PA 99-0585 Bans the sale of “bath salts” and allows local gov’ts to revoke a retailer’s license if a violation occurs Crim Law
HB 4715 Radogno Durkin R PA 99-0586 Allows courts to fine public bodies between $2,500 and $10,000 if they willfuly and intentionally failed to comply with FOIA and also allows for a $1,000 daily fine if the public body fails to comply with the court’s order after 30 days; if public body fails to act within 30 days to address FOIA, presumed to have willfully failed to comply; Judiciary
HB 6083 Radogno Bryant R PA 99-0587 Changes the statute of limitations for wrongful death claims State Gov
HB 6181 Martinez Willis D PA 99-0591 States that, if a teacher earns more than the required number of professional development hours during a renewal cycle, the teacher may carry over any hours earned from April 1 to June 30 of the last year of the renewal cycle Education
HB 2262 Rose B. Mitchell R PA 99-0595 Creates options for satisfying the $2,000,000 liability insurance for school bus drivers Safety
HB 3239 Martinez Andrade D PA 99-0597 Amends the Chicago School District Article of the School Code by allowing 17 year olds to run for election as a community resident of a Local School Council (LSC) Education
HB 4105 Hastings Cloonen D PA 99-0598 Allows motorcycles rear lights to be blue Transportation
HB 4327 Althoff Bellock R PA 99-0599 Requires DCFS to provide information on respite care, etc. when an investigation of alleged child abuse does not result in the placement of a child outside the home State Gov
HB 4330 Martinez Wheeler D PA 99-0600 Requires state higher education institutions to accept the State Seal of Bilteracy as the equivalent of two years of foreign language taken during high school; also requires state higher education institutions to establish criteria to translate a seal into course credit Higher Education
HB 4379 T. Cullerton McSweeney D PA 99-0604 Requires non-home run units of local government, school districts and community college districts to regulate travel expenses Local Government
HB 4387 Althoff Wehrli R PA 99-0605 Changes the Illinois Aeronautics Act to require pilots to register their federal flying credentials with the state for a one time $20 fee Transportation
HB 4697 Hastings Nekrtiz D PA 99-0609 Provides protections for owners or beneficiary of a land trust Family
HB 4999 Connelly Guzzardi R PA 99-0610 Prohibits an employer or prospective employer to request or require an employee or applicant to authenticate or access a personal online account in the presence of the employer Labor
HB 5696 Mulroe Cassidy D PA 99-0612 Defines “acceptable technological means” Civil Law
HB 5723 Harris Davis D PA 99-0613 Provides that a person convicted of operating a vehicle without an insurance policy shall be guilty of a petty offense instead of a business offense Transportation
SB 2252 Stadelman Wallace D PA 99-0618 Requires police to accept currency for cash bail or bail deposits Crim Law
SB 2303 Steans G. Harris D PA 99-0620 Requires excess balances in certain funds to be transferred to GRF by Aug. 31 Approp
SB 2332 Biss Nekritz D PA 99-0621 Requires the Department of Healthcare and Family Services to adopt rules for clinical social workers Human Services
SB 2343 Biss Williams D PA 99-0622 Limits police use of stingray devices to track cell phones; use only to track location of or identify communications devices, not listen in; need detailed court order and non-target data must be deleted within 24 hours Consumers
SB 2512 Steans Breen D PA 99-0625 Ensures the parent, guardian or responsible relative of abused minors relay contact information for the minor’s living relatives to DCFS Family
SB 2741 Haine Beiser D PA 99-0627 Allows an association to correct any of its community instrument law inconsistencies by way of a two-thirds vote of the board of directors, without a membership vote Local Gov
SB 2777 Raoul Nekritz D PA 99-0628 Prohibits minors from being committed to DJJ facilities for committing crimes that are not felonies or for certain non-violent felonies Crim Law
SB 2876 Nybo Sandack R PA 99-0629 Adds criminal offense of money laundering to list of offenses that can be joined into one count of an indictment, rather than prosecuted separately Crim Law
SB 2880 Connelly Sandack R PA 99-0630 Allows for remote CCTV testimony for minors, persons w/ disabilities in crim sex assault cases Crim law
SB 2907 Stadelman Wallace D PA 99-0631 Increases the threshold amount for property damage for a misdemeanor or felony from $300 to $500 Crim Law
SB 2984 Martinez Moeller D PA 99-0632 Makes changes to the Electrologist Licensing Act State Gov
SB 2985 Martinez Moffitt D PA 99-0633 Removes language prohibiting a genetic counselor from providing genetic counseling without a referral Health
SB 3082 Trotter Feigenholtz D PA 99-0635 Defines “amputations” Health
SB 3301 Rose Fortner R PA 99-0636 Requires all courses approved for Illinois Articulation Initiative Gen Ed. Codes must be transferable as part of the Gen. Ed. Core Curriculum Package. Ed
HB 4425 Barickman Pritchard R PA 99-0638 Creates procedures to coordinate with federal regulations if children of military parents suffer child abuse Family
HB 5527 Link Manley D PA 99-0641 Requires tax preparers to provide their PTIN on any return they prepared and filed with the Department of Revenue State Gov
HB 5566 Trotter Sims D PA 99-0643 Expands P-20 Council’s duties to make higher education affordable. Higher Ed
HB 5651 Harris Bennett D PA 99-0644 Allows vehicle owner’s to select their birthday as the vehicle’s registration expiration date Transportation
HB 5781 Connelly Bellock R PA 99-0648 Allows police officers and coroners to dispose unused meds found at the scene of death after consulting law enforcement investigatng the death; ; medication shall be retained in the event an autopsy is performed for toxicological analysis purposes Crim Law
HB 5930 McConnaughey Breen R PA 99-0652 Requires IDES to monitor the employment progress of minorities and women in the workforce; Requires nursing agencies to perform background checks on nurse aides through the Health Care Worker Registry; shall issue biennial report rather than annual State Gov
HB 5933 Biss Gabel D PA 99-0653 Removes provisions giving the Local Food, Farms, and Jobs Council responsibility to develop, in collaboration with the Department of Agriculture, a label and certification program. Ag
HB 6010 Mulroe Stewart R PA 99-0656 The offense of vehicular endangerment includes striking a motor vehicle by causing an object to fall from an overpass in the direction of a moving vehicle with the intent to strike a motor vehicle while it is traveling upon a highway in this state Crim Law
SB 2704 Rose Bellock R PA 99-0661 Clarifies the definitions of clinical observation and medical monitoring for EMS personnel Health
SB 2805 Barickman Hoffman R PA 99-0662 Adds two members to the Illinois Electronic Recording Commission. Business
SB 2806 McConnaughay Tryon R PA 99-0663 Raises the fine for for violating railroad crossing laws Transportation
HB 0114 Delgado Flowers D PA 99-0664 Requires DCFS to file case plans every 6 months after a minor has been appointed to a guardian; Requires IDJJ to notify the court of a critical incident involving a youth committed to the dept within 10 days Crim Law
HB 1437 Jones Franks D PA 99-0666 Requires the Illinois Criminal Justice Information Authority toreport the number of persons arrested and released without charging, and the racial and ethnic composition of those persons. Crim Law
HB 4606 Harris W. Davis D PA 99-0670 Creates an appeal process for students found in violation of residency requirements Education
HB 5472 Hutchinson Gordon-Booth D PA 99-0671 Expands the definition of “victim” under the Crime Victims Compensation Act Civil Law
HB 5576 Hutchinson Nekritz D PA 99-0672 Mandates insurance companies provide coverage for all contraceptive drugs approved by the FDA Health
HB 5660 Mulroe Martwick D PA 99-0673 Amends Public Construction Bond Act. Provides that verified notice shall be deemed filed on the date personal services occurs or the date when (rather than where) the verified notice is mailed. Local Government
HB 5775 Mulroe Martwick D PA 99-0675 Brings certain paternity acknowledgement/denial forms into compliance with federal data requirements Local Government
HB 5945 Sandoval Tabares D PA 99-0679 Changes the word alien to undocumented immigrant when referring to someone not legally admitted to the US; adds “documented immigrants” to the provisions of the bill Labor
HB 5948 Haine Zalewski D PA 99-0680 Lowers the number of required coursework hours for a Public Health Dental Hygenist; allows dental assistants to perform certain procedures on specific patients Health
HB 6006 McGuire D’Amico D PA 99-0681 Requires vehicles to change lanes when coming up on a car with its hazard lights on.  
HB 6060 Mulroe Rita D PA 99-0684 Adds the percentage of Medicaid funded residents as a factor that DHFS must consider for purposes of payment in nursing home facilities. Insurance
SB 0211 Mulroe Cabello D PA 99-0685 Allows a photocopy of currency used in an undercover investigation to be used as evidence in court instead of the currency itself Crim Law
SB 0384 Munoz Sims D PA 99-0687 Allows public bodies to have closed meetings when discussing subjects protected by patient privacy laws State Gov
SB 0629 Biss D’Amico D PA 99-0689 A video recorder may be operated in a contract carrier vehicle Transportation
SB 1564 Biss Gabel D PA 99-0690 Health Care Right of Conscience law. Ensures patients receive information about treatment options, regardless of medical provider’s religious beliefs. Health
SB 2155 Cunningham Burke D PA 99-0691 Requires State Community College board to create an advisory committee for oversight Ethics
SB 2157 Cunningham Burke D PA 99-0692 Requires community college trustees to take professional development training Higher Education
SB 2158 Cunningham Burke D PA 99-0693 Prevents community college boards from making personnel decisions within a 45 day “lame duck” period; allows for emergencies Higher Education
SB 2159 Cunningham Burke D PA 99-0694 Limits contract lengths for college and university presidents and chancellors to four years and limits severance packages to one year salary plus benefits Ethics
SB 2174 Cunningham Breen D PA 99-0695 Requires board members of public universities to complete professional development leadership training Higher Ed
SB 2407 Hutchinson Gordon-Booth D PA 99-0700 Mandates DHS award Teen REACH grants (subject to appropriations) Human Services
SB 2743 Harmon Burke D PA 99-0705 Bars yoga teacher training from state regulation as a business. Ed
HB 4462 Nybo Mussman R PA 99-0711 Allows state police, local police and other entities to administer epinephrine and be trained on how to administer it Health
HB 6086 T. Cullerton Kifowit D PA 99-0716 Adds length of time children are on the PUNS list as a criteria for priortizing services Health
HB 6109 Morrison McAuliffe D PA 99-0718 Establishes a pilot program for the Supreme Court to begin accepting petitions for temporary orders of protection electronically Crim Law
HB 6123 Koehler Smiddy D PA 99-0719 Requires National Guard members to undergo pre and post-deployment testing for depleted uranium State Gov
HB 6131 Morrison Hurley D PA 99-0720 Requires driver education teachers instruct students on proper actions to take during a traffic stop Ed
HB 6190 Cunningham Zalewski D PA 99-0724 Adds traffic offense and class 4 felony violation of the Controlled Substances act to the Accelerated Resoultion Program (Rocket Docket) and extends the repeal of the program to June 30, 2019 Criminal Law
HB 6225 Hutchinson Sullivan D PA 99-0726 Allows small businesses that partner with outsourcing companies to maintain its own workers’ compensation insurance Business
HB 6226 Sandoval Hoffman D PA 99-0727 Allows local governments to consult a highway design publication outside of IDOT’s bureau of local roads and streets manual. Local Government
HB 6245 Haine Rita D PA 99-0728 Removes the restriction that managing brokers and brokers can earn no more than 6 hours of continuing education credit in one calendar day. State Gov
HB 6285 Bush Moeller D PA 99-0731 Requires mobile home park owners to accept rent payments even if a violation fine has been issued Housing
HB 6287 Mulroe Nekritz D PA 99-0732 Provides that no egg shall be offered for sale for consumers use 45 days or more after candling Public Safety
SB 0321 Holmes Chapa LaVia D PA 99-0733 Extends repeal date of River Edge Redevelopment Zone Act State Gov
SB 2533 Cunningham Burke D PA 99-0736 Compels the executive director of a water reclamation district board to appoint an administrative services officer State Gov
SB 2833 Jones Martwick D PA 99-0739 Allows rulings related to violated county codes to be enforced by hearing officers Local Government
SB 2835 Manar Scherer D PA 99-0740 Requires vehicles to stop before passing or driving past a stopped school bus on a public school highway; Removes highways on public school property from the classification of non-designated highways Transportation
SB 2840 Silverstein Franks D PA 99-0742 Allows regional superintendents to waive fees for homeless students wishing to take the High School Equivalency Test Education
SB 2842 Silverstein Lang D PA 99-0743 Requires that the transfer of real property to a trust have a transfer of legal title to the trustee Civil Law
SB 2906 Stadelman Wallace D PA 99-0746 Requires DHS to treat high school participation as core activities for TANF recipients. Human Services
SB 2972 Harmon Davis D PA 99-0747 Allows retirees to choose separation benefits rather than retirement annuities if they would be less than $100 per month. Pensions
SB 3106 Morrison Sims D PA 99-0752 Expands the definition of people with intellectual disabilities in the criminal code when hearsay exceptions are provided Crim Law
SB 3166 Mulroe Lang D PA 99-0753 Requires mortgagees to use the term “plaintiff” rather than “landlord” in an action brought by a mortgagee who assumes control of the residential real estate in foreclosure through state means State Gov
SB 3284 Hutchinson Mitchell D PA 99-0754 Allows specified counties to hold admin hearings for county or local gov ordinance violations under certain circumstances Local Gov
HB 1288 Silverstein Hernandez D PA 99-0758 Creates a Domestic Workers’ Bill of Rights Labor
HB 3363 Martinez Andrade D PA 99-0760 Requires that the Chairperson of the Recyclable Metal Theft Task Force appoint a representative of a local exchange carrier doing business in Illinois as one of its public members Criminal Law
HB 3554 Harmon Guzzardi D PA 99-0762 Amends the Illinois Wage Payment and Collection Act regarding departmental wage recovery; remittance to aggrieved employee. Labor
HB 3898 Mulroe Martwick D PA 99-0763 The bill provides that the intended parent is the legal parent of any resulting child and may seek a court order confirming the existence of a parent-child relationship. Currently, without these clarifying provisions, children who are born of assisted reproductive may be the subject of legal disputes over who has parental rights and obligations. Civil Law
HB 4036 Hutchinson Lilly D PA 99-0765 Mandates employers provide unpaid work weeks of leave to any employee who is a victim of domestic or sexual violence or has a family member who is a victim; amount of allowed time off is determined based on the size of the business Labor
HB 4264 Cunningham Hurley D PA 99-0766 Imposes domestic violence education requirements on those seeking barber/hair stylist/cosmetologist licensure Public Safety
HB 4447 Mulroe Burke D PA 99-0769 States the Voluntary Acknowledgement of Paternity and other fors must include full tax ID or Social Security number of the parents and may only be challenged upon showing of fraud or maternal mistake, and must be brought within two years of completion of the form. Court order for genetic testing must specify how results may be used for purposes of protecting child’s best interests. Trailer bill for HB 1531. Family
HB 4554 Link Flowers D PA 99-0772 Requires insurance companies to cover certain HIV drugs upon federal approval Health
HB 4576 Mulroe Harper D PA 99-0773 Creates the Rare Disease Commission act, and requires that Commission to meet at least once annually and submit an annual report to the General Assembly. SFA #2 clarifies by stating the Commission must coordinate with the Genetic and Metabolic Disease Advisory committee. Sets a sunset for commission of 1/1/2020. Health
HB 4683 Nybo Bellock R PA 99-0778 Creates procedures on how pending criminal conviction appeals are handled if the defendant passes away Criminal Justice
HB 4966 Hunter Wallace D PA 99-0779 Addresses licensing of a foster care home where there are quality of care concerns Human Services
HB 5603 Link G. Harris D PA 99-0784 Contains several minor changes to legislation authorizing the use of video or audio surveillance in a nursing home resident’s room, including that if a new roommate does not consent to monitoring, the facility must disable the device and requires Department of Public Health to create rules to administer the law Seniors
HB 5912 Noland Moeller D PA 99-0785 Clarifies that a person riding a bicycle has all the rights applicable to a driver of a vehicle, including those regarding a vehicle’s right-of-way Transportation
HB 6331 Cunningham Cassidy D PA 99-0787 Provides that the State Police shall notify local law enforcement agencies that have jurisdiction of a revocation of a FOID card due to an existing order of protection 2nd Amendment
SB 2300 Trotter Gabel D PA 99-0790 Requires landords to notify potential tenants of lead hazards and reduce the hazard before leasing apartment Health
SB 2823 Koehler Unes D PA 99-0794 Allows a school board to hire a real estate broker to sell a structure renovated or built by students as part of a school project Ed
SB 2861 Hastings D. Harris D PA 99-0796 Creates a national guard military justice system Veterans
SB 2875 Nybo Sandack R PA 99-0798 A court may grant law enforcement’s request for location surveillance information through testimony made through electronic means between requestor and judge if there is clear and present danger from imminent use of force, kidnapping, or occupation of any premises or hijacking of a vehicle. Police may seek location info in case of an escapee. Crim Law
SB 3096 Bennett McAsey D PA 99-0801 Requires AG, IL LETS and ISP to develop guidelines on reporting sexual assault and sexual abuse to law enforcement agencies Crim Law
HB 4344 Bertino-Tarrant Batinick D PA 99-0802 Allows a relative of a deceased military member to request an honorary sign around designated roads Veterans
HB 4432 Weaver Moffitt R PA 99-0804 Allows students an excused absence from school to play “Taps” at a military funeral Veterans
HB 4433 Morrison Turner D PA 99-0805 Allows spouses of deceased military members to continue using military oriented special license plates Veterans
HB 5018 Anderson Hammond R PA 99-0808 Designates the second full week of April as National Public Safety Telecommunicators’ Week, honoring 911 operators State Gov
HB 5402 Hastings Acevedo D PA 99-0809 Allows an invidual to reclass their registration after recieving a special license plate without paying a replacement plate fee or registration sticker cost Transportation
HB 5538 Bush Jesiel D PA 99-0810 Law enforcement agencies shall develop arrest procedure policies for domestic violence situations, with training for new recruits and every five years. Public Safety
HB 5649 Barickman Bennett R PA 99-0812 Allows the Secretary of State to issue a version of the Illinois Fire Fighters’ Memorial license plates for motorcycles Transportation
HB 6149 Bush Frese D PA 99-0814 New universal specialty license plate for Illinois Veterans’ Homes. Veterans
SB 2431 Cunningham McAuliffe D PA 99-0815 Requires SoS to make a Chicago police memorial license plate for motorcycles Transportation
SB 3129 Cullerton, T Anthony D PA 99-0817 K-9 dogs can be more easily adopted by their human officer Safety
HB 5924 Silverstein Fine D PA 99-0821 Amends Probate Act. Unless court order to the contrary, guardian shall use reasonable efforts to notify the ward’s known adult children, who have requested notification and provided contact information, of the ward’s admission to a hospital or hospice program, the ward’s death, and the arrangements for the disposition of the ward’s remains. Judiciary
HB 4318 Anderson Moffitt R PA 99-0823 Department of Agriculture may sell at cost, to qualified applicants, signs designating an agribusiness that has been operated for 100 years or more Agriculture
SB 2975 Cunningham Costello D PA 99-0826 Creates an agriculture education teacher grant program subject to ISBE appropriation Ed
HB 4257 Holmes Kifowit D PA 99-0829 DHS shall issue upon request a card certifying that the holder has been diagnosed with an autism spectrum disorder. Allows for collection of associated fee not to exceed $10. Human Services
HB 4259 Bertino-Tarrant Moylan D PA 99-0830 prohibits members of certain organizations from being considered an employee for purposes of collecting a pension benefit through IMRF, SURS or TRS. Pensions
HB 4590 Hutchinson Williams D PA 99-0832 Adds to list of adoption disclosures: reasons the birth parents stated for placing the child for adoption; how and why the adoptive parents were selected and who selected them; and whether the birth parents requested or agreed to post-adoption contact with the child at the time of placement, and, if so, the frequency and type of contact. Family
HB 4641 Raoul Feigenholtz D PA 99-0833 Makes it easier for birth parents surrendering children for adoption to voluntarily provide medical information and other background information for the benefit of the adoptee and his or her adoptive parents; requires adoptive parents to be given a statement of their rights and responsibilities, including the right to voluntarily connect and exchange information with birth parents; creates background check and other requirements for private adoptions Family
HB 5017 Raoul Wheeler D PA 99-0835 Allows people with juvenile records to petition for their expungement at any time and requires the court to grant the request automatically if the person was never charged, if the charges were dismissed, if the person was found not delinquent, if the person was given supervision and completed it successfully or if the offense (if committed by an adult) would have been a Class B or C misdemeanor or a petty or business offense Crim Law
HB 5551 Raoul Williams D PA 99-0836 Expands definition of “fictive kin” to include an individual who has been the foster parent of a ward of the state for at least one year; recognizes that incarcerated parents should be able to participate in case plan reviews for children in foster care Family
HB 5656 Althoff Hammond R PA 99-0838 Requires DCFS to make reasonable efforts and accommodations to grant visitation privileges to a non-custodial grandparent or great-grandparent of a child who is in the care and custody of the Department.  
HB 5918 Martinez Thapedi D PA 99-0840 Provides that a charter shall be granted for 5 school years and may be renewed in incremental periods not to exceed 10 school years; makes changes regading the use of start-up grants and loans from the Charter Schools Revolving Loan Fund Education
HB 6162 Collins Skoog D PA 99-0841 Allows employees to use personal sick leave benefits for absences due to an illness, injury, or medical appointment of an employees direct family members. Labor
SB 0232 Morrison Andrade D PA 99-0845 Allows certain students to be classified as residents of a community college district without meeting the 30-day requirement (mainly those under DCFS legal guardianship) Higher Ed
SB 2359 Mulroe Martwick D PA 99-0849 Prevents a condominium instrument from changing the ability of the board of managers to execute bank documents by a majority vote Housing
SB 2393 Harmon Pritchard D PA 99-0850 Requires districts to offer breakfast after the bell at schools with 70 percent low-income students. Education
SB 2929 Mulroe Rita D PA 99-0857 Requires DHS to determine Medicaid eligibility for long-term care services even if the applicant passes away, guaranteeing payment to nursing home centers offering services pending Medicaid coverage Health
SB 3163 Van Pelt Currie D PA 99-0860 Prohibits employers from requiring non-compete clauses for low-wage employees Labor
SB 3164 Connelly Stewart R PA 99-0861 Changes the prison terms for people without priors if they were convicted of a Class 3 or 4 felony Crim law
SB 3335 Rose Mussman R PA 99-0862 Allows EMTs to administer epinephrine if they’ve successfully completed training Health
HB 4315 Manar Butler D PA 99-0865 Provides Route 66 license plates can be used on motorcycles with engines over 150cc Transportation
HB 4604 Luechtefeld Cavaletto R PA 99-0866 Changes the name of the fee from “Public Hunting Grounds for Pheasants” to “Public Hunting Grounds for Game Birds”. local Gov
HB 5788 Luechtefeld Meier R PA 99-0867 Adds catfish to the list of aquatic life that may be taken by pitchfork, spear gun or bow and arrow Natural Resources
SB 2410 Anderson Bourne R PA 99-0868 Allows minors to apply for youth trapping licenses with limited privileges Natural Resources
SB 3003 Cunningham Costello D PA 99-0869 Allows only one application to be submitted for hunters hunting on their own land of over 40 acres Agriculture
HB 2569 Link Cabello R PA 99-0871 Provides that if the defendant pleads guilty the plea shall not be accepted until the court explains maximum and minimum penalty provided by law, any possible increased sentence for prior conviction or future conviction and any possibility of consecutive sentences, any registration requirement that accompanies the plea and the restrictions associated with the registration, and the consequences of the plea on a defendant’s ability to apply for housing/obtain a job/obtain a driver’s license/possess a firearm Crim Law
HB 4515 Harmon Lilly D PA 99-0872 Allows health care companies to hire someone convicted of certain crimes if that person has obtained a wavier from the Dept. of Public Health. Crim Law
HB 5572 Raoul Sims D PA 99-0873 Creates the Sex Offenses and Sex Offender Registration Task Force Safety
HB 5771 Harmon Currie D PA 99-0875 Certain mandatory natural life sentencing provisions for criminal sexual assault, aggravated criminal sexual assault, and predatory criminal sexual assault of a child apply only to a person who has attained the age of 18 years at the time of the commission of the offense. Crim Law
HB 5973 Raoul Evans D PA 99-0876 IDFPR may not deny a request for a professional license solely on the basis of an applicant’s criminal record unless he or she was convicted of a crime directly related to the occupation for which the license is sought; loosens rules involving discipline for license holders who owe child support; shall provide annual report on applicants thereafter Jobs
HB 6200 Collins Ammons D PA 99-0878 Limits rates for telephone usage by inmates at prisons and prohibits payment of additional fees or profits to phone companies that provide those services Crim Law
HB 6291 Raoul Nekritz D PA 99-0879 Requires that a minor is not committed to the Dept. of Juvenile Justice for certain controlled substances violations unless its their third or subsequent judicial finding of a probation violation. Criminal Law
HB 6328 Collins Turner D PA 99-0881 Allows people with past convictions to petition for the expungement of arrest records and charges that didn’t result in conviction Crim Law
SB 2370 Van Pelt Currie D PA 99-0882 Requires minors under the age of 15 charged with murder or sexual assualt must be represented by counsel throughout interrogation Criminal Law
SB 2885 Silverstein Sims D PA 99-0883 Makes refunds in cases of reversal of conviction subject to availability of funds in the subject fund account Crim law
SB 0042 Martinez Lilly D PA 99-0886 Allows health care workers to petition to have their licenses reinstated if they committed certain non-sexual, nonviolent felonies that happened at least 5 years ago Business
SB 1582 Nybo Durkin R PA 99-0888 A K-12 student with an Individualized Education Plan with staff:student of 1:5 attending specific academies named in bill may be bussed for any curriculum-related activity Education
SB 2357 Syverson Sullivan R PA 99-0891 Removes provisions concerning the distribution of certain funds into the Horse Racing Equity Fund Gaming
SB 2610 Mulroe Durkin D PA 99-0892 Establishes a new type of license for organizations providing services to individuals with developmental disabilities State Gov
HB 4633 Haine Martwick D PA 99-0893 Unclaimed Life Insurance Benefits act – requires insurance companies to make a stronger effort to locate beneficiaries for life insurance policies. Similar to SB1783 and SB2396. Insurance
SB 0320 Trotter Feigenholtz D PA 99-0894 Creates the Mental Health Opportunities for Youth Diversion Task Force Human Services
SB 0420 Steans Currie D PA 99-0895 Allows some wheelchair parts to be exempt from preauthorization requirements under Medicaid Health
SB 0805 Harris Mayfield D PA 99-0896 Requires license plates to be clearly visible Transportation
SB 2156 Cunningham Burke D PA 99-0897 Overtime, living allowances and other types of extra payments to employees of colleges or universities do not count as part of base compensation for purpose of calculating pension Ethics
SB 2306 Steans Gabel D PA 99-0898 Requires HFS to create an algorithm to automatically assign Medicaid enrollees in a managed care entity State Gov
SB 2340 Lightford Wallace D PA 99-0899 Changes TANF regulations so that child support does not count so greatly against grant assistance Human Services
SB 2804 Biss Welch D PA 99-0903 Allows employees to revoke a wage assignment at any time by submitting written notice to a creditor. Civil law
SB 2989 Clayborne Hoffman D PA 99-0904 Application forms for winery shipper’s license shall include all addresses from which applicant intends to ship wine, including third-party manufacturers. Licensee must include certain disclosures in application. Third-party providers must file with Liquor Control Commission, cannot appoint third-party provider that is in violation of law. Consumers

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