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Bredi youth on rampage; chases alleged same sex marriage promoter

Source: Cecil Mensah

The Youth of Bredi, a village in the Kintampo South District of the Brong Ahafo Region, burnt down a house and a vehicle believed to belong to one native of the village, Mr Emmanuel Nyarko for allegedly promoting homosexuality in the village among the youth.

Mr Nyarko, is alleged to have established a youth support group that created an opportunity for many of the inhabitants of the village and visitors to meet and provide support in the areas of education and sports.

Narrating events that led to the youth burning down the house and the vehicle belonging to Mr Nyarko in October 2016, Mr Kwabena Agyemang, said the youth had come to the conclusion that the alleged homosexual promoter was above reproach and that several complains made to some opinion leaders in the village to counsel him into putting a stop to his nefarious activities did not yield any positive results and they were therefore left with no other choice than burning down the tools they believed Mr Nyarko to have used in promoting his illicit business.

Explaining that, “look at all this vast land here belonging to his family where he could have put up his house but knowing his ill mindedness he isolated himself and built a house at the outskirt of the village where he could lieu ignorant youth of the village into the hands of his accomplices who are mostly from big towns to initiate many of my colleagues into homosexuality”.

An emotionally looking Agyemang told the media the youth of Bredi would keep on searching and hoping to get hold of Mr Nyarko to enable them perform all customary rituals that the gods of the village may instruct them to do to him as a way of pacifying the gods from bringing any curses to the people living in the village.

He disclosed to the Ghanaweb further that, until Mr Nyarko is brought before the shrine of the village, there is nothing the elders can do to avert the punishment from the gods for the abomination.

When quizzed on the possible punishment such an act could attract, Mr Agyemang said that it’s determined by the gods but there are other instances where families were banished from the village for comparably minor offenses like having sex in the bush, and he therefore believes that what Mr Nyarko has done in many years past could attract the ultimate punishment of sacrificing him to the gods but under the current constitutional dispensation it is still criminal to engage in homosexuality. Stating that “in any case, we shall subject him to our traditional norms if we get hold of him before if possible handing him over the police to charge him under any criminal offends law he may have broken.

He said they have received some leads on his whereabouts in the past which turned out to be false after following up but there are also indications that he’s travelled outside the boundaries of the country which we doubt because he couldn’t have gathered all the travelling documents within such shot a time to travel outside the country.

Meanwhile,checks indicate that Mr Nyarko left the shores of the country somewhere in October 2016 leaving behind his wife and four children under the care of his relative in Accra.

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