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Mr.Candy Ghana won Africa Youth Entrepreneur Award 2016

Musah Trawill well known as Mr.Candy Ghanawon Africa Youth EntrepreneurAward 2016 , on Saturday October 8 , 2016 in Eko Atlantic City, Lagos Nigeria, Award was presented to his father Sheihk Mohammed.D.Trawill, at the 2 Annual Africa Youth Choice Awards Event.

He was Nominated in three Categories for 2016 Africa Youth Choice Awards ,
1. Entrepreneur of the Year.
2.Youth of the Year.
3. Youth Company of the Year

Out 3 nominations, Mr.MusahTrawill won one award, Africa Youth Entrepreneur Award 2016 , award was presented to his father , Sheihk Mohammed.D.Trawill , one of the Khalifa of Sheihk Cisse and C.E.O of TRAWILL VENTURES.

Mr. Musah Trawill well known as (Mr. Candy Ghana) Certified Entrepreneur and a Business Marketer,a multi award winner, a very engaging and diverse individual who believes in delivering services. He is passionate about process, delivery and execution and his background in Economics Project Management have allowed him to be able to bring economic solutions to different opportunities and challenges in the areas of sales,marketing, Distribution, Confectionery and Technology.
Mr. Candy Ghana award winner of Young Promise Entrepreneur in Ghana – in the year 2014, Award Young Outstanding Youth in Ghana – in the Year 2015,Award Ghana National Brand Icon in the Year 2016, Ghanaian base in United State of America.

Mr. Candy Ghana is a Brand Builder, C.E.O of Sweet Mother Candy & Beyond Limited (An Upscale Confectionery Business located in Ghana) and he first ever Ghanaian to propose Candy Studies on Creative Art to Ghana Education Service and was Approve to educate School children, reference on Mr.Candy Ghana Art and Craft at Candyland. , he has help in building many Companies brands, through Sales and Marketing. Over the years Mr. Candy has complied quite a distinguished list of Services and roles, he has always been behind Setting Up,Decorating,Coordinating, Celebrities Events, Parties, with Creative ideas and Candy Displays around the World.

In addition to his memorable Character , he have Created events annually to put smile on kids’ faces by organizing Mr.Candy Talent and Creative Festival and other Educative kids events, He have supported non-profit organizations and given back to Society.

Due to his handwork and Creative ideas to society he is creating greater platform for youth to encourage creative art, Outside his work, Mr.Candy has supported the disables, less fortunate children, Created job Opportunities, Sponsored Youth Events , Celebrity Events , Educational Shows, Fashion Shows , and also supported Charity & Fund Raising.

Mr.Candy Ghana thanks all his fans, love ones for supporting his brand, and his personality through voting,he said , what keep him moving in life is having passion , in every littlething he found myself, and especial in the  line of confectionery and marketing.


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