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17 hilarious things most Ashanti men say in conversation !
Posted by admin on 21st January 2017



Ever had a conversation with an Ashanti man? You’ll hear at least one of these things before the conversation ends …. ? ?

1. He’s a royal or from a royal family
Every Ashanti man is a royal in some way and is related to an unknown king somewhere … yeah right?


2. He is related to Otumfour, one way or the other
Otumfour is the King of the Ashantis and almost every Ashanti man is realted to him, I mean how else are they a royal?? Usually they’ll say “Oti Kokoosoo Nana na wo ne me kasa saa no”, meaning you’re speaking to the grandson of the king.


3. And come from Kumasi
Even though Ashanti region is big and many Ashantis do not come from the popular city, Kumasi, almost every Ashanti man you’ll meet they’ll tell you the come from Kumasi, to make them feel good even if they’re not from there ….


4. He definitely attended one of these schools
Every Ashanti man either attended Opoku Ware or Prempeh College, even when they didn’t attend those schools, when it comes to tertiary education, they only know of KNUST, all other universities come second.


5. He loves his local name
An Ashanti man will never mention their English names, they always want to you to know their true local names to confirm that they’re are Ashantis…. Who needs an English name though?

6. Speaking about names, his name is always related to someone prominent
“My name is Opoku-Asante from the Opoku-Asante Family” … errm what family is that? They’ll give you a scoop of all the prominent people who bears that name, even when they’re not related to them …

7. And he loves his culture ….
If there’s one thing the average Ashanti man will never let you trample on, it’s his culture. He believes his language comes first than every other language etc. and still believes in the old ways of doing things. If you try to mess with him, he will give you a whole lecture about his culture … and how Okomfo Anokye pulled a million and one miracles ….

8. Bragging is his middle name
If you meet the average Ashanti man, you should get used to the fact that, they brag about almost everything. There’s nothing in this world they can’t do or haven’t done before.

9. He hates Swimming
If there’s one thing an Ashanti man doesn’t know how to to do and have zero interest in, it’ swimming …. just don’t ask to go swimming ever …

10. Traditional wedding over extravagant western weddings
Even with his braggart nature, interestingly, he prefers the traditional wedding to extravagant weddings.

11. He’ll never miss a funeral
If you ever get to check an Ashanti man’s weekend to-do list, funeral takes the best part, in fact, a typical Ashanti man would rather miss a party for a funeral …


12. When it comes to sports, there’re only two teams to an Ashanti man
Asante Kotoko and the rest …

13. He respects his uncle than anybody else ….
Due to the matrilineal inheritance, the average Ashanti man respects his uncle (s) more than even his parents because he’s the one they will inherit, it is very common to hear an Ashanti man speak of his uncle and his properties ….


14. Fufu is bae
No food comes close to Fufu to the average Ashanti man, in fact, in order to settle down with an Ashanti man, your Fufu game must be on point AF ….


15. He likes litigation
Especially over land, an Ashanti man will fight you with his last cedi till he wins and even if he doesn’t, his children will continue. It is a never-ending story for an Ashanti man when it comes to litigation …


16. He loves Agriculture
It doesn’t matter how educated the average Ashanti man is, he always has a farm somewhere that he cultivates from time to time ….


17. He has definitely traveled abroad before
Just name a country, he’s been there before ….


Which of these have you observed by Ashanti men? Oh yes , he supports NPP ! You may want to see here things only people from Kumasi will understand.