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NPP-USA to NDC: Lies can’t win you the court case

NDC’s lies, deception and intimidation to twist the course of justice in their favor in the on-going electoral case before the Supreme Court have been exposed.  NDC’s legal team lied to the Supreme Court and the people of Ghana that they and other parties took an inventory of boxes containing the pink sheet exhibits presented by the petitioners and that the number on the inventory had mysteriously increased by Monday when the counting began. Unfortunately, however, KPMG, the international organization tasked to audit the pink sheets and the NPP have denied taking inventory of the boxes of pink sheets with the NDC.

The Supreme Court registrar, the custodian of the boxes of the pink sheets has also not supported NDC’s claim.  Throughout the court case, the NDC has intimidated NPP supporters but we have been civil and pursued the course of justice to the admiration of Ghanaians and the global community. The European Union and the global community have commended the NPP and its leadership   for their nonviolent pursuit of justice despite NDC’s provocations to bait the NPP into violence to disrupt the judicial process. The NDC provocative tactics have failed and they have resorted to unnecessary inferior delay tactics, intimidation and denigration of witnesses in futility.

Now the NDC has resorted to blatant lies to scupper the course of justice pursued by NPP. The NDC’s claim that they took inventory of 24 pink boxes with  “other parties” and that additional “7 magical pink boxes” “have been sneaked into the heavily secured registry by the NPP is an outrageous and unintelligible allegation by a ruling government with enormous security at its disposal to secure the boxes from being tempered with.

The NDC must answer these questions to be believed. Why did NDC’s brutish machinery failed to   secure the boxes that are paramount to   this contentious case with implications for Ghana’s future stability? Where was the NDC security apparatus that has intimidated Ghanaians and the NPP when those alleged boxes were sneaked into the strong room?  Where are the records or documents signed by the parties after the inventory? Tsatsu has failed to produce a single document signed by the parties who took inventory of the alleged 24 boxes of pink sheet to support his claim. Under what circumstances would a so called “intellectual giant” not demand signatory of parties after inventory in such a tenuous electoral legal court case that has dire consequences for Ghana’s stability?  Ironically, Tsatsu’s arbitrary number of boxes and claims has not been supported by the Court registrar- custodian of the contested pink sheet boxes, KPMG- tasked to audit the sheets and any other relevant party except the dubious and thieving NDC alone. The Senior Partner of KPMG, Joe Winful, has confirmed that there was no inventory of the boxes, exposing the lies that have been peddled by NDC communicators and indeed by their Counsels in open court.

It is an undeniable fact that the NDC security apparatus heavily guards the registry and the NPP has no conniving cohorts to steal justice and hijack the will of the people as the EC did for the NDC. These are few instances of countless thievery by the NDC to steal the peoples’ verdict.  After NPP’s petition, the NDC connived with the Electoral Commission to have some pink sheets clandestinely signed in Savelugu in the Northern Region two good months after the election had been over. When the Court asked the EC to submit the names of 241,524 Ghanaians they claimed to have registered from Ghana missions and Ghanaian soldiers serving outside the country, the EC was able to submit a list of only 2,883 people.

The truth is there was no inventory taken and nobody sneaked boxes into the registry under strict vigilance of the NDC. We know that following their abysmal performance in court and the broken myth surrounding Tsatsu as a legal luminary by Dr Bawumia’s incomparable wisdom, knowledge, bravery and the stark evidence against them, NDC is doing what it does best – resort to denigration, lies and propaganda to delay the legal process and deny the people of Ghana justice.

The claim is concocted to fit NDC’S desperate and nefarious scheme ostensibly to halt the auditing of the pink sheet exhibits by KPMG. NDC’s fallacious falsehood constitutes blatant disrespect and an insult to the intelligence of Ghanaians. The NPP, however, knows that NDC’s infantile tactics would not sway the good and justice seeking Ghanaians. NPP-USA assures Ghanaians that the NPP as a democratically inclined party, is resolute in its quest for justice and true democracy and would respect the rule of law using nonviolent mechanisms, unlike the NDC.

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