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Members of the church in a group photograph recently.

Joyful Spirit-Filled Service Marks Xmas Celebrations at The CGCC in Chicago.

Chicago ,December 25 2016 :Christians across the globe attended special services to commemorate the birth of Jesus Christ who they believe is the Son of God or the Messiah who came to serve as an atonement for the sins of mankind. Members of the Church of the Ghanaian Community of Chicago,CGCC, their families and friends observed the day at the Augusta Lutheran Church, 5500 S Woodlawn Avenue, Chicago Illinois. The service was well attended with visitors from the Chicago metropolis, Canada and Ghana.

Praises and worship time was led by the church choir in beautiful Ghanaian praise songs accompanied by drumming and dancing.

The Sermon was delivered by Evangelist Kwamina Sam on the Theme” Highly favored, the Lord is with you”. Evangelist Kwamina Sam reminded the congregation that the birth of Christ brings all Christians close to God. He stressed to his audience that the baby Christ in the manger was wrapped with a cloth and that piece of cloth took away the infirmities, disgrace, abuse, disappointments etc. of all believers. Evangelist Kwamina exhorted the congregation to continue to worship the Lord faithfully as the Shepherds did by traveling all the way to Bethlehem to worship the Lord and present Him with gifts. The lenses of were there to bring these images to you.

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