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Tiger kills two in Upper West

A tiger’s normal habitat consists of swamps, grasslands, savannas and forested areas, including rain forests. They are most commonly found in Thailand, India and Indonesia. However, due to poaching and habitat loss, tiger populations are dwindling, with population estimates as low as 3,200 tigers remaining. They are on endangered species lists, and efforts to protect the species are in progress. Large cats that can be found in Africa include lions, leopards and cheetahs.Tigers are not habitats of Africa unless they are imported from Asia!…

The main story:

Fear has gripped residents in communities close to the Ghana/Burkina Faso border in the Upper West region following reports that a tiger has killed two people including a Fulani herdsman.

According to reports, the tiger escaped from a game reserve in Burkina Faso.

Starr News’ Musah Lansah reported that the District Chief Executive (DCE) for the area, Gum Kofi Duaka has been touring the said affected communities to ascertain the veracity of the reports.

After touring the communities he, however, couldn’t confirm whether it was a tiger or a lion as the narratives from the indigenes lack consistency, reported Lansah.

The DCE has called the police and other security personnel to visit the communities to investigate the incident.

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