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Transition office using ‘Okada’ for rounds – AG laments

The expected smooth transitioning to a new government in January 2017 may not happen as the office of the Administrator General (AG) has revealed that it is faced with a litany of challenges.

According to David Yaro, the Administrator General, his office which is mandated to ensure tranquil transitioning process is hugely under resourced.

The situation, he stated had persisted for years despite amendment to the Transition Act.

The task of the office is to take stock of all government resources including cars, bungalows, furnishing and lands but due to the constraints facing it, it lacks the ability to diligently carry out its mandate.

“When the need arises for transportation of one thing or another, it becomes a challenge. We have to move around using an ‘okada’ or taxi,” lamented Mr. Yaro in an interview Tuesday on Morning Starr.

That notwithstanding, Mr. Yaro stated his office is ensuring that the handing over notes are comprehensive as possible.

“Mr. Yaro’s office is very key to ensuring that the act also delivers its purpose,” said Prof. Ransford Gyampo, a senior lecturer at the Political Science Department, University of Ghana, Legon.

He added that “If Mr. Yaro is raising challenges he is facing, then we have to pay attention to him.”

Source: Ghana/ Awal

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