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The locked regional office of the NDC

NDC communicator locks party office following defeat; wants executives dissolved

A disgruntled member of the National Democratic Congress has locked the party’s regional office in the Ashanti Region to demand full accountability from the regional executives who he has blamed for the party’s defeat in the December 7 polls.

Yakubu Tony Aidoo, who is an NDC communication officer for Asawase, wants the Ashanti Regional executives of the party and the regional campaign team dissolved for failing to deliver the one-million vote promised President John Mahama in the Ashanti Region.

“I have locked the office with five padlocks this morning. If they open I will lock it again with 70 padlocks,” he warned, and vowed to lock the NDC offices in other regions where the party did not perform satisfactorily.

Speaking to 3News, Mr Aidoo explained his action was triggered by the fact that the party did not listen to him when he questioned the competencies of the regional campaign team members in executing a successful campaign for victory.

The regional executives have meanwhile re-opened the office and are scheduled to meet Tuesday afternoon to do a postmortem of the elections. When contacted, Deputy Regional Communication Director, Solomon Anane, did not deny or confirm if the office was locked except to say “the place has been opened and functional”.
“We have different people and the way they take issues. People are not taking this loss very kindly and their reactions will differ but as we speak the party of office is relatively calm and so nothing much to worry,” he added.

“As a regional body we need to do a post mortem to know exactly what happened and at 12 O’clock we’ve scheduled a meeting to take stock of exactly what happened and the way forward,” he said.

Mr Anane assured all party faithfuls in the region that they will be informed of what caused the fortunes of the party in the region and the way forward. Earlier, Mr Aidoo told 3News, he raised concerns over the appointment of Ohene Agyekum to lead the regional campaign team, saying ” I told the regional executives that it won’t help because he can’t even organise 20 people in the Ash.

They came at me that I am a mad person”. He did not understand why did understand why the party neglected those who could deliver the one-million votes.

“I’m just an ordinary Asawase Communication Officer. Winning an election doesnt take a political science degree to do that. I have no political science background but I have experience and wisdom to win an election,” he said.

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