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EC to detect over voting… verification process ongoing !


It has come to the attention of the Commission that several possible instances of over voting have occurred at a number of polling stations. As a result of this the Electoral Commission has decided to review all results from the collation centers and verify them against the physical pink sheets from the polling stations.

The verification process is now in several stages before results will be certified:

1. Receipt of manual faxes from the collation centers.
2. Comparison of faxed summary results with the Electronic Results Transfer data
3. Comparison of the constituency collation sheets
4. Final comparison with the polling station pink sheets.

On verification of, and in line with, established administrative procedures the EC is able to determine if any over voting occurred in any polling station. Should any discrepancy occur the commission will meet to determine the appropriate actions

To ensure the integrity of the results of this Election thus multiple verification process is required. We call fro patience and calm from all voters as the EC ensures that the Election Results are in fact a true reflection of the will of the people.

In the interim the EC will be releasing the constituency summary results subject to the above verification process.

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