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‘Missing names’ in voters’ register at Chorkor sparks controversy


There is looming confusion in the Ablekuma South Constituency as some voters in Chokor in Accra complain of ‘missing names’ in the voters register.

Reports suggest that some NDC party men found with a voters’ register outside the Presby basic school polling center were deliberately giving wrong directions to people they suspected were NPP supporters, to get them to the wrong polling stations.

Several voters at the center are unhappy about the situation, with some alleging that it is a deliberate attempt by the polling agents to disenfranchise the “Ashanti speaking people” whom they suspect will vote for the NPP.

The voting exercise is underway in several constituencies in the country as Ghana decides on a leader for the next four years. Whilst the exercise is reported to be peaceful at most polling stations, others are experiencing some challenges.

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