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Lightning Sparks Little Village Fire, Neighbors Say

LITTLE VILLAGE — Neighbors say they believe a bolt of lightning sparked a fire in Little Village late Monday night.

Tuesday morning, crews worked to repair the roof of a home in the 2700 block of South Central Park Avenue.

Olga Martinez, who lives next door to the home, said she was brushing her teeth when she heard a “loud, horrible” noise she believed was a thunderclap.
Speaking through an interpreter, Martinez said she initially thought the lightning had struck her home, but when she looked out her bathroom window, she saw smoke rising from the house next door.
Martinez said she yelled to her next-door neighbors to tell them about the fire, and a man who lived in the home told her he had already called the fire department.
Martinez, who said she has lived on the block for the last eight years, said the deafening sound was terrifying.

Fire officials said they responded to the blaze in Little Village about midnight. A spokesman could not immediately confirm what caused the fire. No one was injured.

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