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Fighting corruption: Blueprint exists already – Short


Emile Kwame Short

Emile Kwame Short

Ghana’s first Commissioner for Human Rights and Administrative Justice, Mr. Emile Kwame Short, has revealed that a blueprint for fighting corruption in Ghana has been developed and presented to Government and that all that is needed now is for the political leadership to have the courage to act and put it into effect.

Commissioner Short further disclosed that the Blueprint, which was put together by a working group comprising representatives from Government, the private sector, Parliament, the Office of the President, several civil society organizations and some development partners, was presented to President John Mahama during his tenure as the Vice President of the country and he handed over the document to Parliament to be discussed by Parliament and adopted as a national policy document.
Mr. Short made these disclosures when he appeared on TARZAN’S TAKE on JOY NEWS TV on Sunday 19 May 2013.

The Blueprint titled, “The NATIONAL ANIT-CORRUPTION ACTION PLAN (NACAP)”, sets out a 10 year action plan to mount a serious and successful fight against corruption in Ghana. NACAP defines its key objectives as: 1. Build public capacity to condemn and fight corruption and make its practice a high-risk, low?gain activity; 2. Institutionalize efficiency, accountability and transparency in the public, private and not?for profit sectors; 3. Engage individuals, media and civil society organizations in reporting and combating corruption; and 4. Conduct effective investigations and prosecution of corrupt conduct.

The NACAP blueprint was presented to and validated at a National Conference on Integrity held in October 2011 in Accra. The conference brought together over 140 participants from local stakeholders such as government, independent constitutional bodies, civil society (including women’s groups), Ghana’s development partners, international anti?corruption organizations and sections of the general public.

Mr. Short was very surprised and disappointed that no action had been taken by Parliament and the Executive to start the implementation of the NACAP blueprint, especially given that its membership was made up of all the major agencies of government, civil society and our development partners and problems of corruption appear to have gotten worse in the two years since the report was presented to Government

MEMBERSHIP OF NACAP • Commission on Human Rights and Administrative Justice (CHRAJ); • Office of the President; • Parliament of Ghana; • Judicial Service of Ghana; • Attorney?General’s Department; • National Development Planning Commission; • Public Services Commission; • Ministry of Finance and Economic Planning; • Africa Peer Review mechanism (APRM) • Ghana Integrity Initiative; • Ghana Anti?Corruption Coalition; • Ghana Centre for Democratic Development; • The Justice & Human Rights Institute; • African Parliamentarians Network Against Corruption (APNAC?Africa); • Development Partners: (a) Danish International Development Agency (DANIDA); (b) Department for International Development (DFID), and (c) Canadian International Development Agency (CIDA). The CHRAJ provided coordination and logistics support to the WG.

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