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Presidential Encounters – Joy News Prime (18-11-16)-Dr. Nduom’s turn

IEA Presidential Town Hall Meeting On the Economy – My Introduction
I am a local boy from Elmina, who through education, hard work, and the grace of God has been able to create jobs in all the districts of the country and abroad and who wants to use the experience gained to benefit millions of Ghanaians.
Unfortunately, the man who has supervised the mismanagement of Ghana’s economy these past eight years as Vice President and President has refused to participate in this event to account for his stewardship.
This is what I will do if elected as President:
The Ghanaian economy will be managed on a bed of fundamental reforms to make the country great and strong and all of its people prosperous; and using the principle of “Ghana First”:
1. Unite the people to ensure lasting peace to enable development.
2. Put in place an all-inclusive, lean Administration of not more than 40 ministers of state for accelerated development and reform the public sector to become responsive to the private productive sector.
3. Provide strategic interventions to support agriculture so that we can feed ourselves – no need to import $1.2 billion of rice, millions of dollars of vegetables and fruit juices
– ensure maximum domestic processing of cocoa, maize, yam, palm oil, cashew and fruits.
– support our fishermen by protecting our ocean bed from predatory foreign vessels.
4. Use the government’s purchasing power to build our local economy.
5. Solve the financing problem in the energy sector
6. Revise the pension investment rules to enable long term funds to be used to meet local private sector investment needs instead of investing in government treasury bills.
(Act 766 2008 amended to Act 883 2014)
7. Fight corruption actively including the use of an independent prosecutor.
8. Implement the national identification system and mandate the use of a single identification number to enforce discipline in our society.
9. Open up the country with same quality highways and cross country modern railway system.
10. Ensure the development of a petrochemicals industry in the Western Region.

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