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Nii Lantey Vanderpuje: Minister of Sports

Nii Lante Vadapuye And His Cronies Must Learn Lesson From Egypt / Ghana Match


Egyptian has proven to their Ghanaian counterpart that in football, motivation count a lot and very important. This the government has promised the team and they have delivered.

One Million Egyptian pounds for each player? Waooooooo!!!!!!!! That’s amazing isn’t??? Equivalent to $65,000 USA dollars was given to each player of the Egyptian national team for beating Ghana.

It was a very sad moment for the entire team as we all witnessed Ghana was the better side but the Egyptians took their home advantage by influencing the referee.

Unlike Ghana, where our Minister will come out with uttrances and false allegations against the GFA which is causing disharmony in the national teams. The players look very disappointed and disturbed as they all complain bitterly about the conduct of our sports Minister.

On behalf of Ghanaian community in Egypt, I appeal to the Excellency President John Manama to intervene to save Ghana football before its too late because Ghanaians will not forgive this Government if Ghana fail to qualify for the world cup Russia 2018.

Thanks to our hardworking Ambassador, H. E. COL. Imam Umar Sanda who has put smiles on the faces of the Black star players after he delivered his kind and courageous words to them in the dressing room. His Excellency Umar Sanda, did not stop there, as a father to all Ghanaians in Egypt, he shared his hotel room with some of the stranded fans who came from Ghana to cheer up with the team.

What a humble and humility Ambassador!! Your good leadership will take you higher Sir!!! God bless you.

Long Live Ghana!!
Basawutey A bass, Cairo.

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