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Mfantsipim Old Boys build apartment for teachers, furnish structures
Posted by admin on 12th November 2016

13075962-fullAs part of the 140th Anniversary Celebration of Mfantsipim Secondary School, the old students have built apartments for teachers and executed several other projects to facilitate teaching and learning in the school that helped them in their formative years.

In conformity to an age-long tradition which allows year groups to sponsor projects and organise the anniversary celebration for the school, the onus fell on the 1966, 1976, 1986,1996 and 2006 year groups and they did not disappoint.

This year, the lead sponsoring year group, MOBA 86 built a duplex consisting of two apartments with two bedrooms each for teachers in the school. The Duplex was subsequently furnished by the MOBA 81 group.

Speaking at the commissioning of the projects, the Ebusuapanyin, MOBA National Council, Capt. Paul Fordjoe called on past students of the various Senior High Schools in the country to lend a helping hand in building the schools that nurtured them.

“We have a continuous program of assisting the school at all times. Our belief is that you have to give back to your school. Government on its own cannot promote education. We all have to push to help the education system in Ghana. We believe in giving back to our school to strengthen it.”

“We have had a lot of support too from MOBA 76 that refurbished a building they built 10 years ago. This storey building is known as the form one block. It opens up to form two huge halls and is made up of 12 classrooms. The surroundings have been made aesthetically beautiful with these developments.
The Duplex has television sets, furniture, beds, dining set and all other items that make a room complete. All the teacher needs to do is to walk in with his belongings. Everything is there.”, he stressed.91037579-full

Capt. Paul Fordjoe further averred that the MOBA 96-year group and the MOBA 66-year group put up a building for visitors and staff and provided electronic siren system for the school respectively.

In addition to that the youngest year group, the 2006-year group offered to put teaching boards in all the classrooms and provided teaching and learning materials to augment teaching and learning in their alma mater.

“All these go to demonstrate the commitment of the various year groups MOBA has. It is refreshing to note how the MOBA National sponsored the water and sanitation project in the school.”

The Mfantsipim School marked its 140th anniversary on Saturday with a gathering of the school’s old and current students.