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Donald Trump: The Sweet And Sour Of 21st Century Politics!

Donald Trump is the sweet and sour of the 21st century politics and democracy of our time. Donald has broken the norm and instituted a new dimension to politics. He has defied the old adage that to be a President, you should have decades of experience in the Political realms and should have a CV succeeding in different roles as a politician. That old adage fitted the description of Hillary Clinton but not Trump who has no iota of political experience in his blood.

The fact is President Obama was the suprise of the century becoming the 1st African American to rise to the high office- the leader of the free world. However for Donald Trump to win this election is a mind blowing suprise. People are in shock and can’t comprehend how he did with that victory. Donald Trump winning 278 electoral college as compared to 218 to Hillary Clinton defines the overwhelming victory that many did not expect.

The Democrats have a lot of questions to ask as to the fundamental cause of this loss. No matter how close or victorious the polls favoured the Democrats, it never stopped Donald Trump from winning in reality.

Donald Trump declared the winner of 2016 American presidential elections has come as a shock to many but a confirmation to his ‘die hard’ supporters. The fact is no matter how you see, hate or think of Donald Trump, he has got some positives that we can learn. It is easy to dwell on the negative side of anyone and use it to judge them. However no matter how negative a person is they still have an iota of a positive side. That positive side can be used as a seed to start the transformation process of becoming a success oriented person.

Roy T. Bennett quotes; ‘don’t let others tell you what you can’t do. Don’t let the limitations of others limit your vision. If you can remove your self-doubt and believe in yourself, you can achieve what you never thought possible’. This is the definition of Donald Trump. He is a man that let nothing stopped him, he believed in his views and opinions irrespective of what others thought of it. Though many thought his vision was unpopular, that never scared or stopped him or caused him to give up.

The name Donald Trump is iconic for business and the property market. However little did people know brand Trump will venture into the political arena of the United States of America. This is the highest office not only for the US but the world. They say ‘if America sneezes, the whole world catches a flu’.

Many ruled out Trump, called him names, some called him not fit to be the powerful man on earth and some thought he was a clown by all standards.

Prior to this win, the Trump campaign was no exception to conflict, allegations, spiteful conversations and controversies. It reached a time that some big wigs in the Republican party gave up on him, some publicly denounced their support and others ridiculed him just because he made mistakes and said things as it is without mincing words whether positive or negative. The worse was a leaked video where he condemned and said nasty things about women which served as a dent in his campaign. Many thought that was a bullet to kill his vision of becoming the president of this powerful land but he never gave up. He relentlessly fought the battle and he has astonished many.

This should tell you in the journey in pursuit of success, you can make mistakes and your mistakes should not slaughter you but should serve as a learning curve. Also not all the people that start with you will finish with you in the journeys of achieving your purpose in life. People will leave your life for so many reasons best known to them. This shouldn’t deter you but it should spur you to achieve greater heights and cause those people that left your camp of success to clap for you with a grin or a frown.

Hence I want to reiterate the fact that Donald Trump becoming the 45th President of the United States is not by chance but a well worked out plan that has created a competitive advantage over the Democrats.

The fact is what lessons can be learnt from Donald Trump’s becoming the winner of 2016 elections in the United States.

Believe in Yourself – There is saying that, if you don’t stand for something, you will fall for something. The fact is if you don’t believe in yourself, you will definitely believe in the report of others. You’re the first person to be convinced that you can succeed before anyone can be convinced. Most at times we share our ideas with people and their feedback causes us to give up. They talk us out of our opportunities because they found out the negatives of our pursuit rather than the positives.

Donald Trump had some of the most unwelcoming pronouncements that infuriated many and caused a lot of tension but that did not stop him. No matter how you saw his utterances and his level of communication to be negative, that was his competitive advantage.

Strong Mindset – The mindset of Trump does not back down to pressure or the fact that people don’t believe in him. He believes he is better than any competitor irrespective of what you think of him. He has a mindset that you can create your own path in spite of all the tough and challenging moments that the world presents. His mindset is such that when he sets his eyes on achieving something, he will go all out to achieve it.

The Trump model mindset defines your opinion of him irrelevant but what he thinks of himself paramount. Therefore you need to be yourself and not to live a life under the shadows of others.

Be Courageous – Courage was the mantra of Donald Trump. He had courage when all odds seem to be against him. He courageously continued to campaign when almost everyone seem to write him off including some party members except his supporters. He never showed an iota of disbelief and never caved in to the pressures that associated with the campaign. He was resilient, said things as he deemed it right in his eyes and never budged down to his critics. His courage has made him a success. Be courageous in life and never let the opinions of others dictate your path and define your success story.

Be Strategic – Don’t lead an obvious lifestyle. Don’t let the outcome of your plans be predicted easily. It looks like many were always anticipating the next step Trump will take.

He was full of utterances that infuriated many but also sparked the enthusiasm of many. That caused him to make his position clear and what he stand for. He is a man that you either love or hate. There is no moderation when it comes to loving him. Hence what he stands for caused him to attract a segment of the populace. Remember you can’t attract everyone that is why there is no 100% market share but your positioning in the minds of people will determine who you attract. I believe people are fed up with normal politicians and hence wanted to give someone chance to make a difference and Donald Trump happened to tick the boxes for his supporters and that is why he won.

In conclusion, Winston S. Churchill says, ‘success is not final, failure is not fatal: it is the courage to continue that counts’. That is to say winning the election is not the end Donald Trump and failing to win is not fatal for Hillary Clinton as she still have a role to shape the political dispensation of our time.

it’s obvious many are skeptical with what Donald Trump can achieve. Some think the world is sitting on a time bomb waiting to be exploded with Donald Trump President of the United States. The fact is Donald Trump angered, stepped on the toes of others and infuriated others which is not something I uphold but I can’t condemn either. I believe people should give him a second chance to see what he will bring to the political chess of this world.

I’m not sure about you but for me I have learnt a great lesson from Donald Trump’s victory. At least he has thought us that if we believe in ourselves, stick to our guns and pursue what we believe in in spite of what others think of us, we will succeed. He has proved that success is within reach for all of us. We are our own architect to success. We should start to believe in ourselves and start the journey that seems impossible in the eyes of others but very possible in your eyes.

I want to end by saying that it’s always possible if only you believe.

Author: Oscar Bimpong

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