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Really Two Political Parties Destined To Rule Ghana ? -Nduom
Posted by admin on 1st November 2016


It has been reported that a former minister of state in an NPP administration has called on electorates in the Central Region not to vote for smaller parties because these parties do not stand a chance in a two horse race election between the New Patriotic Party (NPP) and National Democratic Congress (NDC).

Has Dr. Kofi Apraku become another “man of God” ready to prophesy about current and future elections in Ghana?

He is quoted to have said: “Only two parties are destined to rule Ghana, the NPP and NDC so the choice you have is for the NPP and NDC.” Really?

Such anemic thinking masks the disappointment many Ghanaians feel about the 4th Republic. The “lesser of two evils” syndrome is active and alive in Ghana. The potential to drift into a one party syndrome is there. And our democratic experience is still in its infancy and the winner-takes-all 1992 Constitution hands all power to the Party in power. The arrogance of state institutions is clearly evident and is a present danger. Change of the fundamental type is needed including important change to the Constitution to make our democracy something positive all the people can feel. Ghana needs a strong, credible, third force to push for the change we need. That third force, I believe is the Progressive People’s Party. The December 7th election will prove this.