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Manasseh Azure writes: So what was the EOCO thinking?

Manasseh Azure writes: So what was the EOCO thinking?

That Dr.Nduom’s businesses are NGO’s?

Common sense would not even permit me,a lay man to ask Dr.Nduom about his source of funds.

Dr.Nduom is a shareholder at Fan Milk,Akatakyiman Rural Bank,Kakum Rural Bank,Hords(Brown Gold Cocoa) etc

1.Dr.Nduom recently acquired ISF Bank in the USA and invested $9 in the business.

2.GN Bank started in 2006 and has over 280 locations.

3.1st.National Togo commenced 2 years ago

4.GN Bank,Ivory Coast started over a year ago

5.Dr.Nduom recently acquired Liberia International Bank,now GN Bank Liberia

Non Bank Financial Institutions:
6.Pentrust (Management of Pensions)

7.Acquired Liberia Enterprise Development Finance Company(LEDFC) in 2003

8.Renowned private equity firm Ghana Growth Fund Company

9.He owns GN Mobile Money (GNMM)

10.Gold Coast Fund Management which started in 1993 has been the best investment adviser for years including this year and has over 13 locations spread across the 10 regions of Ghana

Radio Stations:
Dr.Nduom has 16 radio stations across the length and breadth of this country and one in the UK namely ( Easy Fm,Goodlife Fm,Ahomka Fm,Ahomka Fm UK,Agoro fm,Kasapreko Fm,Adehye Fm,Anigye Fm,Ahoto Fm,Sunshine Fm,Suphelele Fm,Light Fm,Wa Radio,Okyeman Fm,Enyidado Fm,Golden Pod,

Dr.Nduom owns First Digital,
29.Ocean 1 TV

30.Fresh Pak Products,
32.GN Quarry,
33.Concrete Products,
34.GN Electronics,
35.GN Printing,
36.GN Logistics,
37.etc..Worawora Rice Milling factory coming soon.

38.Regency Hotel,
39.Coconut Grove Hotel Sakumono,
40.African Village,
41.Miners Lodge,
42.Coconut Grove Beach Resort

43.Monica Yorke Preparatory School,Elmina
44.Nduom School of Business and Technology,Elmina

45.Yorke Properties
46.GN Power

47.Elmina Sharks Fc
48.Sea Lions Fc
49.Spyder Lee
50.Nduom Sports Stadium

52.GN Life Assurance
53.GN Reinsurance

54.International Business Solutions (IBS),USA
55.Qualtek Limited(IT)
56.GN Legal
56.GN Accounting Finance and Research
58.Sterlin Protection Services
59.GN Corporate
60.GN Health
62.GN Research
63.GN Ambulance Brigade
64.Hedjorl3 Online Radio
65.GN Micro Enterprise Business
66.GN Farms (Awiwmu(KEEA and Brekum )
67.GN Motors
68.GN Autoshop
69.Ghanaian Journal
70.Institute for Progressive Research & Advocacy (IPRA)
71.GN Micro Insurance
72.Sterlin Management Services (HR Consultancy)

Gold Coast Brokerage

Today Newspaper. Can someone tell EOCO to simply be wise…

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