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Dr. Nduom

Our Fragile Democracy Is On Trial-Nduom!

Source: Dr.Nduom’s Facebook

Those who are supporting and speaking for the Electoral Commission’s refusal to accept my nomination papers to become a presidential candidate, must understand a few truths. It is our fragile democracy that is on trial. It is our development aspirations that are on trial. It is our people’s prosperity that is on trial. It is our freedom of association and freedom of speech that are on trial. When state-sponsored institutions deliberately refuse to follow their own laws as prescribed by the Constitution and Parliament, just to punish any one of us, none of us is safe.

Today, it is Papa Kwesi Nduom. Tomorrow, it may be you. The signs of a potential one party state are evident. The precursor of a police state are clear. Intimidation, harassment, the use of state-sponsored institutions to prosecute a partisan political agenda are happening. You may not feel it but others are experiencing it.

Those who stand to benefit are on TV, radio and in newspapers across the country applauding these institutions. They forget that power does not belong to the institutions or those in power. It belongs to the people. No matter how long it takes, the people will take their power back.

Awake Ghanaians! Stand up for Your Rights!

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