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What the live telecast of the election petition is not showing us
Posted by admin on 20th May 2013

There is something about the hearing of the election petition that the live telecast is not showing us. Whiles the cameras tag behind Comrade, the anchorman, looking for Gloria Akuffo or Nana Ato Dadzie for a soundbite, Philip Addision is looking for his learned colleague – not on the side of petitioners – No. On the “hostile side”- Tony Lithur’s side.

You should have seen them the last time after court. The cameras showed it too briefly.

Lithur and Addison were actually laughing behind the scenes. Punching one another like a midnight honeymoon fight ( No gay intended).

They will trade jokes off air, and on air NDC and NPP fans will trade jabs.
Extra-passionate Ghanaians who like to watch movies feel war is around the corner.

Ghana? Say the word slowly. G-h-a-n-a? What is that? Who is that? I have never seen Ghana on my street. Never knocked on my door or me on his – not even once.

If you think about it, the sky doesn’t even know its Ghanaian, and the sea hardly is not aware of claims by some people that its our sea.

There is nothing Ghanaian about our natural environment. Absolutely nothing.
Ghana is an idea we have believed so much its become real.

Elephants are reputed to have a fantastic memory. (By the way if you watch the discovery channel you would know that elephants existed before the formation of the New Patriotic Party).

The beast never forgets. Tie around its feet, a rope to a pole. Leave it. Remove it after 10 years. And guess what? It will not even know it’s free.

This is who we are. The idea has become so real. The illusion is to rather say this country is not Ghana.

Partisanship? That is fine. Heated debates? Why not? Insulting language? Well, I don’t expect democracy to inject civility into anyone, where parental guidance has failed. It’s just too much to ask poor old democracy to do, isn’t it?

Expressing hatred towards a party because of this court case is like getting angry everyday after watching Romeo and Julliet.

The heated the exchange in court, the deeper their friendship develop. Ato Dadzie dropped a hint of this Thursday when he said, they would laugh with counsel for petitioners over bottles of beer.

After this court case, Tsatsu would be, could be keeping a picture of Addison, you know?

He would recall his “would you shut up” comment – and laugh.

After this court case, Lithur could call Addison and tell him how he recommended him to a client. And Gloria Akuffo could call Lithur and tell him to fix a young bright lawyer in his chambers. Addison could actually be helping Quarshie Idun with a case.

And who would you be calling (if MTN,Airtel and co are still here)? – maybe the UN – screaming for relief items and bastardising world leaders for turning a blind eye on the Ghana humanitarian crisis.