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Is Gloria Akuffo Faking The Burglaries Of Her Office?

By Nana Akua Tweneboah-Koduah

We have heard for the second time the so-called raid on Ms Gloria Akuffo’s law office. But I don’t believe it. Hey, I don’t believe this make believe story because nobody need any information from Gloria Akuffo’s computer servers. Cur…rently, all the information concerning the Supreme Court challenge of the 2012 Election is in court so what would somebody get by attempting to steal or stealing information from her office?

But Gloria Akuffo and others who are seriously pursuing a seriously flawed case may be seeking to create attention for themselves especially from the NPP supporters that their so-evidence for the on-going Supreme Court petition has been stolen.

If your back is against the ropes and you are looking for an escape route other than throwing in the towel, you can easily call the referee’s attention to a low blow where there is none. And that is what Gloria Akuffo has done.

Was Gloria Akuffo attempting to take the shine away from the battering that Dr Mahamadu Bawumia and Mr Philip Addison, the NPP star witness and lead counsel respectively received in court on Wednesday concerning their utterances and behaviour? Only time will tell.

The case has reached a stage where you need not be a soothsayer to know where the so-called water tight, mind blowing evidence by the NPP is tottering to. With the NPP even changing the reason why they went to court is anybody then surprised that they also keep changing the classifications of their affidavits?

Ms Akuffo should save Ghanaians this “May Surprise” and rather concentrate on how to convince the nine justices of the Supreme Court that she and her crew are serious with their claims and to a large extent the case itself. If the admonition that Justice Atuguba gave to Bawumia on Wednesday’s court hearing is anything to go by, then I would rather get serious than resort to propaganda if I were Gloria Akuffo.

You will recall that Justice Atuguba in one of his strongest signals yet, uttered these words to Bawumia when he went into the rope-a-dope mode rather than answering a pointed question from Mr Tsatsu Tsikata: “You see you are a doctor, you are very intelligent…so help us. This case; let me tell you, people are approaching from two fronts: the political front and the issues here. We are dealing with only the issues here, so bring your mind to the courtroom”.

Ms Gloria Akuffo, please bring your mind to the courtroom and leave the politics of the case in your office! Nobody need any evidence from your office because you guys have so far proved that apart from the pink sheets that you have dumped in court, you have no evidence anywhere concerning the so-called election malpractices.

Therefore, this communist inferior tactics by a lady of your calibre will not wash. Gloria Akuffo who is seen in court these days with her confidence badly shaken and her demeanour lost, need to do a better job in court and stop throwing unproven allegation of theft in her office to sway the attention of the public.

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