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Jonathan Azasoo a Deputy Director at NDP and Member of the new Board !

Manifestos Must Mirror National Development Plan – NDPC Tells Political Parties

A Deputy Director of the National Development Planning Commission (NDPC), Jonathan Azasoo, has called on political parties to ensure that their manifestos are in line with the National Development Plan.

He attributed the slow pace of development in the country to the use of political party manifestos, which did not respond to the National Development agenda and tasked Members of Parliament to help resolve the challenge.

Mr. Azasoo specifically tasked MPs’ to make input into the preparation of party manifestos to ensure that the documents are not against the national agenda.

Mr. Azasoo was speaking at a capacity building workshop organised, by the Coalition of Domestic Election Observers (CODEO) in collaboration with the Centre for Democratic Development (CDD-Ghana) for Parliamentary Aspirants in the Southern belt of the country.

The workshop, on the theme, “Election 2016: Promoting Policy-issue-based Debate and Post-election Accountability at the Constituency level,” is to prepare participants for an impending parliamentary platform ahead of the December Poll.

Mr. Azasoo said manifestoes, which are-short term programs of interest to woo the electorate for votes, are largely irrelevant until they reflect the national development agenda to avoid situations where politicians always said they are building the foundations of the economy.

Mr. Azasoo said the priorities and approaches may differ but the documents ought to correspond.

He said the challenge is that some MPs who are supposed to help develop the manifestos of their parties are not conversant with the national development plan and urged them to acquaint themselves with the national development plan.


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