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Former President of the GNC, John Henry Assabill. (Picture: credit John Henrys Facebook!)

Ghana National Council VS John Henry Assabill-Assabill’s comments on his Facebook

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It is with dismay I have to write to set the records straight despite attempts to paint me differently by someone whose “moral compass” is severely bended. It is equally amazing this guy cannot remove the speck in his eyes but constantly painting people negatively. For the sole purpose of my LIBEL Lawsuit coming up, I will refrain from mentioning names. Although sometimes the African way is “short-cut” to settling disputes, we are in America. You either choose the shortest method or the long road to settle issues. I have chosen the longer method which to me is civil. Go to Court to settle issues. I am a Taxi driver so going to court is a daily dosage. As such, I have plenty Lawyers as friends. Tomorrow I will be at the Federal court to listen to appellant arguments between the City of Chicago and Taxi Owners.
My name and corporations are listed on there as Plaintiffs.
In April 2012, it was tabled that I help secure a loan for the Ghana National Council(herein labeled GNC). I informed Council that my Taxicab loans attract a 7.5% interest rate. The leader of Ewe Association and representative objected that the rate is too high. Instead, he could secure a $10,000.00 loan with a 5% interest rate. We agreed and postponed the voting to the next meeting. At the May 2012 meeting, the promise by the Ewe representative was not honored. He informed us that the lady refused to loan us. This brought mine upfront. It was tabled, discussed and voted on as follows;- out of a total 11 Affiliate members; 9 – yes, 1- abstention and 1 – No vote. The motion for me to contract a $20,000.00 loan with an interest rate of 7.5% carried. On point here, at both stages, I was NEVER the proponent of that idea, it was by the Brong-Ahafo representative’s idea that the President is empowered to go look for a loan to fund Ghanafest.
On record, Ewe voted to abstain and Asanteman voted NO!
The loan payment schedule was $32.45 WEEKLY for 1,560 weeks.
The spread was $28.85 interest and $3.60 principal WEEKLY!
However, there was NO penalty for early paying it off.
I have been paying this from 2012 to date! The loan has currently outlived its life span all because of neglect by the GNC.
The irony of facts are, those stoking innuendos could have requested the copy of the lawsuit to establish why the interest was included other than spewing falsehood to make me look awkward in the eyes of the community and/or public. This is why I will sue him in court!
I left office as a result of completing my two terms allowed under the Constitution in December 2013. The current President took office in January 2014. I withheld the bank accounts and a lot of the handing over expecting that he will call me to either meet me at my office or house for a smooth handover and transfer of power. I needed to withhold the money in the bank account as a levelage to negotiate how I would be repaid. Up to date, there are a lot of documents of the GNC at my office and house. It is amazing this current president is yet to speak with me to date! After patiently waiting for 6 months, I consulted with my Lawyers, leaders in the community and friends who all advised me to close the accounts and cash moneys in there as part-payment to my loan.
Now that they have REFUSED to speak with me for 2 years and 9 months, how on earth do they think I was going to let them take my money for granted? They have made things worse off because the lifespan of the loan has expired and they will have to pay for the interest accrued period!, I know the extent to which I borrowed from my medallions to ran the Council when they were calling me names. People around me were telling them to stop saying that but just because of politics they kept stoking innuendos at me and the Treasurer. This time, I will fight anyone who dare because deep down my heart, I have vengeance which must be exposed. I am no more an elected person for people to hide under the freedom of speech concept. I will fight them head on here and continue in Ghana till death do us part!

Comments under the posting:

John Henry Assabill:Additionally, the memory I have contact of this current President of the GNC was, in 2011 to maintain cordiality with him, I contracted him to print gate tickets for Ghanafest 2012. I then traveled to Ghana when he produced the generic gate tickets. The Secretary called me in Ghana to express disgust at the quality of the tickets. I ignored her complaint and instructed the Treasurer to pay him 50% of the invoice pending my arrival back to Chicago. On my return and at Executive meeting, the Vice-President objected to the high cost and poor quality. He introduced us to a Printing Company where the tickets were re-produced professionally at $280.00! I called this gentlemen and informed him that we will no longer pay the balance of $700.00 but that which was earlier advanced to him, he could keep it. I refunded the $700.00 in cash from my pocket to the Treasurer. From then he stopped talking to me to date. Unfortunately, by default, by ignoring the constitution of the GNC due to machinations of this same person who has been posting negative stuffs about me, he became to President of the GNC. How funny?

September 18 at 2:49pm

John Henry Assabill:Friends, let me tell you everyday there are Ghanaians as well as other nationalities who come to me for help. I do not need to be at the GNC to help people. There are real problems every day with our people but thank God Almighty, anytime they come with a problem, difficult as it often is, we have someone at City and State to help. I do this everyday 24x7x365. Go into the community to ask of John Henry and so I do not worry about maligning and stoking falsehood about me. The people know me and this is why jealousy go shame! As I am writing, there are two people with a very difficult problems that affect them and family here and we will resolve them. I don’t need the GNC but I need my money

September 18 at 3:06pm

Kofi Adade Dankwah:Kofi Adade Dankwah Wofa, koso ye w’edwuma. Nyame nhyira wo. They know nothing, instead of learning and getting to know, they sit on the sidewalks and “toot their horns”.

September 19 at 10:59am

John Henry Assabill: Thanks Kofi. Some particular tribe in Ghana has bad blood of enviness and inward looking too much. Skin pain nkoaaa! If I tell you how much I have borrowed to fund this good for nothing council you won’t believe it

September 19 at 4:01pm

Prince Breecy :Good Day! Please before you take any decision, read Romans 12:19 and Exodus 14:14. Thank You!

September 20 at 6:08am

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