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CEO of Allure Africa Dzigbordi Dosoo

Ghanaian employers put charisma over competence – Dzigbordi

CEO of Allure Africa Dzigbordi Dosoo
Renowned lifestyle coach and CEO of Allure Africa Dzigbordi Dosoo has attributed the seeming low productivity in most Ghanaian companies to the fact that many employers put charisma over competence, when deciding on employees.

According to her, the situation explains why most incompetent people are paid better than their rather competent colleagues in organizations in Ghana.

Contributing to a discussion on ‘employee attitudes’ in Ghana, the famous life couch told Morning Starr host Nii Arday Clegg that until the trend is reversed, it will be difficult for Ghanaian employers to obtain the best out of their employees.

“…In this country, we have a situation where employers place charisma over competence and perceived capacity, which is not the best,” she said.

She added: “Some of my best staff have been people who came with no knowledge about the job but with the right attitude. What we need to do is to ensure that we give our staff consistent feedback on their attitudes. Everything that you want the employee to bring to the table depends on the attitude”.

She also cited unfair salary disparities as one of the key demotivating factors within organizations.

Meanwhile, the CEO of the KAMA group of companies Dr. Michael Agyekum Addo, says he does not believe in “systems and structures” in organisational set ups.

“I don’t believe in systems and structures, but the responsibility of the workers. Some people are not good but they’re loyal and not arrogant…that can influence the salary structure and how they are seen by employers,” he noted.

The business magnate added also that most private companies pay more attention to the skill set and experiences of employees than their certificates.


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