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PHOTOS: Ghana + Peace Campaign sweeps through Northern Ghana with ednorsements from Chiefs, others

Ghana + Peace

GHANA + PEACE CAMPAIGN 2016 which was successfully launched on 18th August 2016 at the Obiba Foundation office premises in the presence of the founder Mr. Obiba Sly Collins, Mr. David Wincott, Mr. Sylvester Mensah Collins, Hon. Frances Asiam, Madam Kalsoume Sinare, Anna Kelly, Mr. Gordon Frazer, Mr. Charles Langton among others has begun its campaign tour through the country and made its first stop in Tamale.

To many, the Northern Region is noted for disputes and other forms of violence but quite the contrary GHANA + PEACE CAMPAIGN 2016 delegates met Tamale rather in a peaceful atmosphere. Notwithstanding this, the GHANA + PEACE CAMPAIGN 2016 delegates still went ahead with their mission to promote peace in Tamale.

As part of the campaign the symbolic calabash for peace was taken to the Chief of Tamale, Dakpema Naa Mohammed A. Dawuni by the Ghana + Peace Campaign delegates. The Chief of Tamale who has been in reign for about nine (9) years mentioned that he is in full support of the peace campaign. He also stated that for his interest in peace building he and his elders initiated a peace football match which in addition to other effort has contributed in silencing war factions in Tamale.

Having visited the chief of Tamale, Ghana + Peace Campaign delegates went ahead to seek the endorsement of Rev. Solomon Saa (Reverend minister for the Presbyterian Church in Tamale) who added his support and  blessing. He added that he believes in protecting the peace of our land irrespective of your religious beliefs and will do everything possible for peaceful coexistence especially where he presides.

Musician Don Sigli who has made waves with his music in Tamale also showed keen interest in the peace campaign with his endorsement on the calabash. Don Sigli, mentioned that he truly believes in the need for peace especially towards the elections and beyond.

Mr. David Wincott, director for Obiba Foundation in an interview stated that Ghana + Peace Campaign 2016 is sure to visit every region in Ghana before the 2016 elections. He went ahead to cite the importance of making peace attractive for the citizens of Ghana so as to embrace peace towards the elections and beyond. Fylla fm, Radio 123, Peace fm were some media partners who were present to support the tour in Tamale.


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