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Bawumia attacks NDC incompetence !

Source : Nana Addo’s Facebook page
“We should recall that on August 30th 2012, President Mahama stated during his acceptance speech in Sunyani that ‘The NDC government for the past three and a half years has been laying the foundation for a transformational take off of the country’s development’.
“On December 5th 2012, President Mahama’s information Minister stated with regards to the economy that ‘we want to invest in jobs and in people, in the economy which is part of the prevailing better Ghana agenda. We have already laid the foundation, we have taken off and we want to soar’.
“The NDC 2012 Manifesto states that ‘This Manifesto is based on the achievements over the last four years, during which period we established firm foundation for delivering a program of economic recovery and sustained welfare for the people of Ghana’.
“So according to President Mahama and the NDC, they had laid a solid foundation between 2008 and 2012 and the country had taken off!
In 2016, President Mahama is again telling us that he has now laid a very solid foundation for the economy and it is ready for takeoff.
“So after apparently laying the foundation and taking off by 2012, one year later in 2013 (after taking off), President Mahama tells us he spent 2013 to lay yet another solid foundation. In 2016 he is telling us that he has yet again spent 2014-2016 to lay a solid foundation.
“How many foundations is President Mahama going to lay? How can you go back to build a foundation after you have supposedly taken off? They really must think we have very short memories or that we don’t read!
“The fact is that the worst period of economic performance since 2001 has been under President Mahama’s stewardship between 2012 and 2016.
“The truth is that the foundation was already laid by the Kufuor government. President Mahama has spent the last eight years destroying this foundation; replacing it rather with a weak foundation of straw which he desperately tries to portray it as one of concrete. A mason who inherits a good foundation and spends eight years destroying it cannot be trusted to build the house. We need a competent mason, one with integrity, credibility and vision to build the house.
“The economic situation that the John Mahama government has put us into is dire. It requires serious attention. The problems cannot be solved by personal insults, distributing cars, bus branding, or propaganda. The real issues ought to be seriously addressed.” ~ Bawumia

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