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Prof. Martey denies taking $100,000 bribe


Current Public Relations Officer of the Presby Church, George Larbi, has rejected allegation by a former PRO of the church that outgoing Moderator, Rev Professor Henry Martey took 100 dollars from an opposition leader in 2013.

Former PRO, Rev. Dr. Emmanuel Osei Acheampong alleged that an opposition leader gave the immediate past presby moderator the 100,000 dollar bribe.

This follows claims by the Moderator that some ruling party elements tried to influence with the said amount, a four-wheel drive and house at Trasacco to remain silent on national issues.

He told Ekourba Gyasi on Atinka AM Drive that as the PRO at that time, he was with the Moderator when he personally handed 50,000 dollars to him buth he rejected it on moral grounds.

He mentioned that although he accompanied the Moderator to the said politician’s house, he was not in favour of the whole deal.

He stated that the said bribe deal contributed to the strained relationship between himself and the moderator.

According to Rev. Dr. Acheampong, the Moderator made a loose statement and he expects him to come back and boldly mention names of the politicians that he claims tried to bribe him.

“I challenge him to come out and mention the names of those he claims tried to bribe him”, he concluded.

However , speaking on the same matter on Atinka AM Drive, the current PRO, George Larbi debunked the allegation ,adding that he had worked with Rev. Professor Martey for two years and he knows that the man of God is not corrupt.

He mentioned that Professor Martey cannot be corrupted.

He added that the man of who always has an issue with corruption cannot be corrupted as Rev. Dr. Acheampong is alleging.

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