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Inusah Fuseini fumes over “jungle” Ghana documentary
Posted by admin on 10th May 2013

A reality documentary on DSTV’s Discovery Channel which was shot in Ghana and captured horrifying scenes of foreigners taking over mining sites and killing indigenes has sent Ghana’s Lands and Natural Resources Minister fuming.

Inusah Fuseini told Joy News’ Evans Mensah “I will fight any foreign national engaging in small scale mining.”

“Jungle Gold” the title of the documentary showed how two Americans from Utah, George and Scott paid their way to own a mine site in Amansie in the Ashanti Region which is originally a cocoa farm.

The owner of the farm had no idea his farm had been sold to a third party.

The documentary captured how the machete wielding owner of the farm had to battle with the security man hired by the mine workers in a futile attempt to take back his land.

Even in parts of the documentary, a poor farmer was strangled by a new mine owner.

Inusah Fuseini said he is scandalized not only about the fact that foreigners have taken over small scale mining in the country but also about the fact that foreigners have been allowed to film some of these dehumanizing aspect of the country’s challenges in the mining sector for world view.

He said the documentary “portrayed Ghana as a jungle” where laws do not work and where mining is not regulated.

He warned the ministry will crack the whip on foreign small scale miners in the country, adding some of them have already been repatriated from the country.

“No foreign national is allowed by law to do small scale mining,” he said insisting Ghanaian collaborators who aid and abet the commitment of this crime will also be dealt with.

He said the foreigners cannot be allowed to destroy farms, pollute the water resources all in the name of mining.

He was however shocked how Ghanaians state institutions also gave licenses to the Americans to film some of these illegal things.

“The Ministry does not give licenses for film documentaries,” he pointed out.