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Ghana Election Petition Hearing: Atuguba Orders Recount of Pink Sheets …

Dr. Pink Sheet it all wrong?

Dr. Pink Sheet it all wrong?

Presiding Judge in the Election Petition case, William Atuguba has ordered an
audit into the pink sheet exhibits deposed by the petitioners.

The audit
is to be done by accounting firm KPMG with two representatives from all

The order followed a request by Lead counsel for the third
respondent, Tsatsu Tsikata for an audit of the pink sheet exhibits submitted by
the petitioners.

He claimed the third respondent received far less than
the 11,842 pink sheet exhibits the petitioners are alleging to have deposed.

He insisted on an audit to be done mid way through his cross examination
of witness which has taken seven days.

Counsel for the first respondent
Tony Lithur also agreed with the assertion by Tsikata and also insisted for an
auditing of the figures.

Quarshie-Idun who is leading the legal team of
the second respondent also supported the call for an audit.

Lead Counsel
for the Petitioners, Philip Addison who in principle did not object to the
auditing of the exhibits, questioned the timing of the call of the

He argued that the respondents ought to have raised it with the
registry that the number of pink sheet they received were far less than the
11,842 the petitioners claimed to have deposed.

Having failed to do that
he said the respondents also could have raised the issue before beginning with
his cross examination. He wondered why at the closing embers of his cross
examination, he would be making claim that the number of exhibits they received
was not 11,842.

Presiding Judge Atuguba called for a recess and said the
bench will rule on the matter. He said however that the first respondent had
raised the issue about auditing of the pink sheets but the bench had to defer
that request. He said the bench will come out with a ruling an hour

Information reaching indicated that all the
lawyers in the ongoing Election Petition were called into the Judges chambers
during recess to agree on how to audit the exhibits.

After hours of
discussions they agreed on KPMG as the referee for the audit.

then announced when the court reconvened that KPMG shall audit the exhibits as
provided by the petitioners to the court registry.

He said the cost of
the audit shall be borne by all the parties involved in the case.

It is
however not clear when this audit will be done.

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