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President Mahama Stop Using My Tax Money To Campaign For Votes!
Posted by admin on 19th August 2016


My employees and I work, risk our lives traveling across the country and sweat to sell products and services, borrow to operate factories then pay income tax, payroll tax, VAT, etc. to government. Then we see President Mahama and members of his administrations “donating” outboard motors, sewing machines, vehicles, fertilizers, etc while campaigning for votes. If this is not daylight robbery of the government’s treasury for partisan political benefit, then what is it?

Now NDC functionaries are all over the media justifying the plundering of taxpayer funds while the Mahama administration says it does not have money to pay debts owed to ECG, pay teacher and nurse trainees, etc.

How many of the more than one million fishermen, millions of hairdressers and farmers can get some of these “gifts”? Reminds me of the tactics of the illegal micro-finance schemes – show the people a handful of people whose deposits were doubled and others will be deceived into parting with their hard earned monies. And is this what is at play here? Is President Mahama Father Christmas? Is this the Christmas season for gift giving?

What the people need are the things that last – lower taxes, continuous, uninterrupted electricity, good drinking water, good and affordable compulsory education, good health and permanent jobs. If President Mahama campaigned on bringing these to the people during his tenure as President, how could I complain? The fact that he can’t do this and has resorted to “gift-giving” must tell Ghanaians to beware and not waste their votes on those who have disappointed them and now are desperately trying to buy their votes.

We the people of Ghana deserve better than this!