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President Mahama asking NDC members to pray for peace in the opposition NPP Party!

National Democratic Congress (NDC) launches 2016 Campaign in Cape Coast

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The government’s expenditure during the 2012 election doubled the country’s budget deficit to one of the highest rates in Africa .

It is not certain how far president John Mahama can go in the race which appears to be tight with polls placing the National Democratic Congress just 3 percent ahead of the opposition.

According to a senior government official, 15 percent of respondents remain undecided.

“The NDC is a family, we need to come together, resolve every issues. As a family we need to forget about all issues, they will come together, then support the party for the 2016 elections,” an NDC supporter, Adama Mohammed said.

“Right now we are struggling for our future, for our children, we are fighting for our children. So that our children can even go to school free and get accommodation to sleep and at times when you are going somewhere far, you are able to pick free car.“another NDC supporter, Gladys Adotei said.

The ruling party’s over spending in 2012 which caused a slump in commodity prices tarnished Ghana’s reputation as one of the most fruitful places to invest in Africa.

Sources at the International Monetary Fund have confirmed that Ghana is on track concerning its three year IMF programme worth 918 million dollars aimed at restoring economic balance.

But there are fears that the ruling party could be punished by voters as consumers decry years of epileptic power supply and high electricity bills.


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