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Dr. Ekow Spio-Garbrah at the Nsawam Prisons

Spio-Garbrah visits ‘Montie 3’ at Nsawam Prisons

Trade minister Ekow Spio-Garbrah has expressed support for the jailed Montie 3 by visiting them at the Nsawam Prisons.

The move is his first gesture of solidarity with the contemnors since they were jailed by the Supreme Court. It is, however, unclear if the former communications minister signed the petition asking the President to pardon them.

Several ministers, have through the petition which has been presented to the president, appealed to Mr. John Mahama to activate article 72 of the constitution and grant a presidential pardon to the convicts.

The Supreme Court handed a four-month jail term to the Montie FM host Salifu Maase and his panelists Alistair Nelson and Godwin Ako Gunn after they were found guilty of contempt following a radio discussion.

Source:Ghana/ Acheampong

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