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Mahama inaugurates library in memory of Atta Mills- pictures


President John Dramani Mahama has inaugurated an ultra-modern library in memory of late President John Evans Atta Mills.

The facility, named the Atta Mills Memorial Library, is located in Cape Coast in the Central Region, where Mills hailed from.

The inauguration of the library forms part of activities to commemorate the death of Atta Mills four years ago.

According to President Mahama, Mills was recognized for his commitment to peace and tranquility, qualities he himself has imbibed and demonstrate in the face of adversity. “As president he was Asomdwehene and father for all.

“A peace-loving man, he prioritized peace above all else because as he always rightly stated without peace, there can be no progress.

“He was our rock of Gibraltar, always calm even in the most adverse circumstances. He never responded when insults were cast at him. I believe I partly take from him, my stoicism in tolerating even the unkindest cuts from my opponents and detractors.

“Since 1992 Ghana has established itself as a beacon of democracy,” he said. President Mahama noted that Atta Mills put himself above petty political quarrels and worked for all Ghanaians despite pressure from even his own party to take a tougher stance on the opposition.

“Since 1992 Ghana has established itself as a beacon of democracy. Six successful elections and two peaceful transfers of power from one political party to another. One will presume that such transfers of power have been smooth and without rancour or acrimony.

“An yet beneath that veneer, our history has recorded persons asked to proceed on leave, dawn raids on the homes of political opponents ostensibly in search of arms, seizure of cars and other assets.

“Prof. Mills resisted any such urge to carry out a purge when he came into office. This was not in conformity with the popular thinking in our party and yet he calmly said it was not a coup and that we must ensure a peaceful transfer of power; this is the man we celebrate,” Mahama said.

He added that the library was a fitting tribute to Mills’ memory and provided the youth with a chance to improve themselves.

“It is befitting that as we try to recall the essence of his life of service to Ghana and the world, we are opening this library so that many others can access the portal of learning and with that, cross over the quagmire of poverty and illiteracy to prosperity and enlightenment,” President Mahama added.

Several high profile dignitaries over the weekend laid wreaths on the tomb of Atta Mills at the Asomdwee Park in Accra.

The solemn ceremony was also graced by Ghanaians from all walks of life, who turned up to pay their respects to the late third president of the country’s fourth republic.

Pictures by Flagstaff House Communications.
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