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Yaw fiagbeto’s Eccentric Governance book out now

Prolific writer, Yaw Fiagbeto, plans to release a book that touches on governance and shows how the gap between the ordinary Ghanaian and the rich can be bridged. Published by Raychafg Consult, the book is titled ‘Eccentric Governance In Transforming Ghana’s Economy

This book is to provide a road map for Ghana which will establish a Superior Intelligent Independent Institute (SIII) devoid of public knowledge with uncompromising open financial budget rooted in the sweat and blood of Patriots with impeccable security disciplines.

Also, this book will initiate a highly subversive policy to recruit and finance the best minds of our youths into a graduate institute. It goes on to talk about a program that will provide a resounding platform of higher learning in assisting these selected of students to mesmerize, enthrall, and engross in an intelligence needed to manage Ghana’s own affairs as a true independent nation.

This book is dedicated to the hardworking team of citizens of Ghana who are impregnated with vision and want Ghana to receive a paradigm shift in this eccentric governance era. ‘Eccentric Governance in Transforming Ghana’s Economy’ is also dedicated to all political groups who are affecting positively the lives of the young.

About The Author

Mr. Yaw Fiagbeto previously called Anthony Fiagbeto is a business executive and a real estate developer home and abroad, CEO of Heritage vision 21 Gh. Ltd. Income-tax, Hospitality and Transportation Industry. He holds degree in associate of Science-Accounting (Bronx community College, University of New York) where he proceeded to pursue Business administration(Morehouse College).

He also holds MBA in Healthcare Management and International Business from American InterContinental University (AIU). He has contributed immersely towards African development by spearheading equality between African Students and foreign students by making the blacks recognized in the global world.

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