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2012 elections was bought – CPP Veep

The 2012 Vice Presidential Candidate for the Convention Peoples Party (CPP), Nana Frimpomaa Sarpong Kumakuma, has revealed that the 2012 election was seriously characterized by vote buying.

According to the queen mother turned politician, Ghanaians have learnt their lesson and that was why the CPP won the by-election at Kumbungu.

She also stated that the hardships Ghanaians were facing and the good candidate the CPP presented to the people of Kumbungu made them win the by-elections.

“NHIS is dying, the doctors’ strike and all the labour unrest that have taken centre stage in Ghana now gave us the opportunity to win this by-election,” she opined.

“I wish we were having another general election today, like we will know what Ghanaians really want,” she said

Nana Sarpong was speaking to Ark FM in Sunyani on May Day on the way forward for the CPP as they have won the Kumbungu seat. She said the party has more plans for Ghanaians and is preparing the way forward for the party in 2016.

She refuted the claim that the National Democratic Congress (NDC) lost to the CPP because all their concentration was on the Supreme Court issue thereby not getting the time to campaign.

She also denied allegations that the NDC intentionally surrendered the seat to the CPP because of the allegations made by some CPP ladies that their 2012 Presidential Candidate, Dr. Abu Sakara Foster, was campaigning for the NDC Presidential Candidate, John Dramani Mahama.

She further mentioned that the CPP in the 2012 election did not have enough funds to mount big billboards, share money and T-shirts and to go round the country.

Nana Sarpong stated that though vote buying took place in the by-elections, the CPP won the seat because they presented a better candidate coupled with the fact that the people of Kumbungu, like other Ghanaians, are also experiencing hardship in the country.

She used the opportunity to thank the people of Kumbungu and promised that their parliamentary candidate will never disappoint them.

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